In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act


The housing shortage is caused by immigration

The English birth rate is 1.8 per couple. Thats not enough to keep the population going: a couple needs to produce 2.2 children just to keep the population steady.

The number of English people in these islands is actually falling. So why aren’t house prices falling?

Government is smug that EU immigration “dropped” by 82,000 to 117,000 in the 12 months following the Brexit vote. But they still said 230,000 arrived. So 230,000 - 117,000 is 113,000 who have no right to be here at all - that is the figure the government would say arrived from non EU countries like India, Pakistan and Muslim countries. And our government welcomes them against our wishes.

Migration Watch says the government is lying when it says two thirds of the housing demand is the result of natural population growth.

It says 90% of new households are immigrants.

It’s immigration, which the government, who have consistently lied about the figures, say is just over 200,000 a year. The Daily Mail publishes a table showing 600,000. The Department of Work and Pensions gave out over 700,000 new social insurance numbers last year.

UKIP MEP Tim Aker says the government has betrayed English people for decades, denying them a chance of owning a home, while the demand by immigrants drive prices sky high, and swamps the NHS, the roads, schools, courts and infrastructure.

With this level of immigration we need to build one house every 4 minutes according to Nigel Farage.

Housebuilding is an annual problem for the government. It would not be if the government stopped immigration. Demand for houses from UK people is falling.

The housing shortage is entirely the government’s fault. They want immigration - the voting public do not. It depresses their wages, overloads the roads, infrastructure, schools and NHS. Perhaps both the Conservative and Labour parties are in the palm of big business, who get reduced wage bills.

Or is it divide and conquer - when we English have fully lost our identity, and we are ruled by foreigners, the English will cease to be a nation.

Already many of our MPs, Ministers and Mayors are foreigners. The Office of National Statistics says the English will be in a minority in 8 years. Soon we will be ruled by foreigners, and they are unlikely to treat us with the silly tolerance with which we treated them. They may well insist the English have to leave - they will certainly have the power to kick us out. Then where will we go?

The government, both civil servants and Ministers, have committed treason by turning our land over to foreigners. We can only look forward to how the status of those in favour of this policy, the socialists, intelligentsia, government and everyone up to the Royal Family, can expect their status and employment to be taken over by the immigrants, and they also be left with little or nothing.

House prices may come down after 6 years, when the effects of artificial intelligence, nanoparticles, Glyphosate weed killer, 5G wifi, pharmaceutical drugs like chemotherapy, antibiotics and vaccines have taken their toll on our lives, health and wellbeing.

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