Traitor Michael Heseltine molests Boris Johnson

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

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Attacking Brexit, Michael Heseltine stated Boris is losing his judgement, making preposterous statements, and that he compared the aims of the EU with those of Hitler.

Michael Heseltine is a Bilderberger, the secretive, ultra masonic organisation whose job it is to build the EU dictatorship and destroy what was Great Britain. We know there are 140 Bilderbergers, that there are 8 at the top of both the Conservative and Labour parties, and their power is such that, from Edward Heath onwards, you cannot be Prime Minister of Britain unless you are a Bilderberger. They have a meeting every 2 years, and communicate only by fax thereafter. See

Ken Clark MP was the Conservative’s Bilderberg leader, and the real leader of the Conservative Party, but may have retired recently. Cameron, Osborne and Balls are part of their respective 8’s, but we don’t know who they all are until after they leave office. Germany’s Angela Merkel is the most visible of them.

Bilderbergers are traitors. Under the British Treason laws they should all have hung by the neck until dead, as they successfully abolished the nation of Britain with the Lisbon Treaty in January 2009. But judges, nearly all freemasons themselves, pay little attention to our laws.

Margaret Thatcher was a naive Bilderberger, who closed down much of British industry on EU orders. But 8 years into her reign she realised the EU was a dictatorship, and that the Bilderbergers are part of the Global Elites that aim to set up a one world government. She made her Brugge speech, which told us we should leave the EU.

Heseltine then mobilised the other 7 Bilderbergers to push Margaret Thatcher out on to the street on 22 November 1990, and put a compliant Bilderberger, John Major, into her place.  She then seems to have been poisoned: her mental faculties dropped sharply, preventing her from being more of a nuisance. He was then made Lord Heseltine in recognition of his services.

The powers that be are all selected: only if they are on the EU’s side.

Slavery is the natural state for mankind: We humans have only had a few hundred years of half decent democracy over the last 3,000. The Global Elites are well on their way to controlling us again.

If it was illegal for members of all secret societies to hold public office, we would retain our democracy for much longer.

Yes, Boris Johnson did compare the aims of Hitler with those of the EU. It was Adolf Hitler who founded the EU. It was established in a speech made by Herman Goering in 1940. The first conference of the EU, known as the EEC under Hitler and until recently, was at the University of Berlin in 1942 under von Ribbentrop. 13 nations attended. After the war the EEC/EU was changed from a Nazi organisation to a communist one.

Is Boris Johnson’s knowledge of history good enough to know just how accurate he was?

Hitler took control of 14 European nations. The EU has taken control of 28 nations now. It wants Turkey and the Ukraine next.  Instead of using invading armies, the EU works by controlling or bribing ministers, like Hesletine, and Prime Ministers, like Cameron, and telling them to sign their countries away without democratic vote. So we are incredibly lucky that Nigel Farage bounced Cameron into a referendum.

Lets vote leave, and not waste this unexpected opportunity to avoid a dictatorship, its future wars, and an existing economic disaster.

Traitor Michael Heseltine

molests Boris Johnson