Traitor Lords

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

Traitor Lords

They sold us out for EU pensions of up to £87,800 per year. Now they seek to stop Brexit!

British Peers who have built up individual pension pots worth into tens of millions of pounds by selling out British sovereignty are not satisfied with their ill-gotten gains.

By David Hetherington



  They now conspire to get the democratic decision of the British people reversed. Echoing the scandal of the English Rotten Boroughs of the 18th Century, these people want to keep Britain firmly in the clutches of the Rotten European Union.

  Their greed is now visible for all to see. They have been told by democracy campaigners that they should in all conscience declare their pensions before they oppose the Brexit Bill being debated in the House

of Lords.


  Ex-Tory minister Dominic Raab said: ‘Lords with generous EU pension pots should be open with the British people and declare this when they speak in Parliament on Brexit. The public would be rightly outraged if peers voted to protect their Brussels bonuses rather than respect the referendum result.’

  Twenty Peers who worked for the EU have a lot at stake personally. Lord Kinnock for instance is said to have an EU retirement fund of £1.7million and an annual income from it of £87,800 per year. He described the Referendum result as “Absolutely bloody appalling”.

“Rise up”

  Lord Mandelson, the Labour Peer who lied in his mortgage application, urged his colleagues not to throw in the towel on Brexit. As a former Trade Commissioner to Brussels, he will receive nearly £35,000 a year. He  urged peers to ‘rise up’ against the Referendum result.

  As the first High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs, sixty-year-old Baroness Ashton was the highest-paid politician in the world, with a salary package of around £328,000. Her pension pot of £1million will pay her around £51,400 a year.

  If Oliver Cromwell was alive today he would surely clear the benches of such Lords.


    Historical note: The town of Old Sarum, which contained not even three houses, sent two members to Parliament; The town of Manchester, which contained upwards of sixty thousand people was not permitted to send any.

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