Trains need guards

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

Trains Need Guards

| By Julian Williams

The campaign by Tosh MacDonald of the Aslef Union and RMT’s Mick Cash may be purely political: to use railway strikes to get their mate Jeremy Corbin in power.

But their excuse is preventing train companies from throwing out guards, and the Unions are exactly right here. After the guards go. it will be driverless trains next.

Guards perform a valuable service - they answer questions - where is the buffet car, what time do we arrive at; where do I change for; they help passengers; if you become seriously ill on the train they will make arrangements to get you to hospital. Most importantly they collect fares. They put a human face on the train company, and are often good at public relations - its good marketing.

The government, press and train companies have deceived us by pretending its all about closing doors. It isn’t.

To prepare for the removal of guards, expensive ticket barriers are being 0installed at every station - treating us even more like cattle. Plenty of other nations don’t have them, and their passengers are still treated with respect.

Yes, the train companies are desperately trying to make sensible profits in this impossibly over regulated and overtaxed economy, but taking humans out of as many aspects of employment as possible is not the answer.

Abolishing the 120,000 EU regulations and halting the colossal waste of our taxes is.

Automation will cause the amount of jobs for humans to decline drastically. Particularly with our politicians and civil servants, who must despise the English, flooding Britain with a million immigrants every year. What chance do we stand? How long is it before having a job is unusual?

Professor Stephen Hawkins et al warned that as humans are replaced by machines with artificial intelligence, it is inevitable that the machines would take over, rule us with an iron rod, and decide how many humans will live or die. This is the final achievement of the profit motive, if it is not properly handled. Abolishing train guards is just one of many “thin ends of the wedge” on the way.

Hawkins is saying that our future will be similar to Arnold Shwartzeneggar’s film, Terminator - the Rise of the Machines.

To save our employment now, and to protect us from this ghastly future, most attempts to replace humans with automation should be fiercely resisted by the general public.

We may not support Cash or MacDonald’s rabidly communist ambitions, but we really must support the train guards.

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