Theresa May

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

Theresa May: arrogance,

and control

Theresa May chose this election because she wanted total control of the Conservative party with a landslide majority. She lost her working majority due “an abominably bad campaign” which she ran herself, excluding ministers, with a thin one point Brexit message she delivered herself.

Ministers were shocked when they saw the appalling manifesto, which was forced on them without consultation. They were told to walk out of the presentation afterwards without making a comment, which they obediently did, live on TV.

The absence of constructive policies was shocking. She clearly has no idea what the country needs, and clearly has no idea how to run a campaign.

She acts as though she’s one of the global elites. Not only does she want control of the government, she wants absolute control of we the people.

She passed the communist Snoopers Charter, the Intercept Communications bill, which gave her the power to listen to every communication we make, be it by phone, email or any internet or other communications system. Whistleblower Edward Snowden called it the worst attack on freedom in the world.  (The West is desperate to arrest him, so he has to live in Moscow, which is a lovely city.)

Corrupt or incompetent government agencies, misreading your data, then use the Proceeds of Crime Act 2003 to close all your bank accounts, then raid and arrest you. Thousands of innocent people have had their lives destroyed this way. There is no ombudsman, no appeal, no redress. You stay impoverished.

This is the world Theresa May has created for her ministers, and the world she has created for us.

She has no interest in humans or human rights. Her reaction over the London stabbings was to repeal the Human Rights Act, which does contain good freedoms. So does the written British Constitution, but she knows nothing about it.

Mrs May ran a disastrous campaign because she doesn’t know what’s she’s doing. She got the result she deserved.

Lets hope David Davis, who does know what the world’s about, succeeds her.

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