The MHRA cause 200,000 deaths a year

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

The MHRA cause 200,000 deaths a year

The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency, or MHRA, kill something of the order of 200,000 British patients a year by licensing drugs that kill, and by denying people access to inexpensive remedies that work. They are based in Victoria, London, have Big Pharma directors on their board, and do the exact opposite of their function - they protect the grotesque profits of the big pharmaceutical companies, at the expense of British lives.

| By Kurnal de Noailles

Ten British public bodies have written reports stating they are corrupt. From the House of Commons Select Committee on Health, to the Lancet Medical Journal, to the BBC Panorama programme. The website lists all ten, with links to the original copies of the reports.

There is no question the MHRA is acting criminally, and must number psychopaths among its directors – ordinary people cannot kill without remorse. For the MHRA, that’s easy.

A  petition to disband the MHRA now has 13,000 signatures, surprising, as few have heard of it. See

The MHRA: Government killers?

The government says it will read petitions with 10,000 signatures. The Department of Health’s reply was: “We have no plans to close down the MHRA,” and it backs up criminal investigations by the MHRA, which is acting criminally, into proven, successful treatments.

Has it not occurred to the Department of Health that the criminal MHRA is using criminal investigations for its own criminal purposes, namely closing down effective, inexpensive alternatives to Big Pharma’s drugs and profits?

One of the successful cures for cancer, GcMAF, was discovered 25 years ago. and over 11,000 patients have taken it with excellent results. It has no side effects, and costs £400 a month.  The poison of chemotherapy costs £40,000 a round. It maims and kills.

Sarah Wollaston MP mislead the house of Commons when she rubbished GcMAF’s scientific backing on 9.12.2014. She was well aware there are 300 GcMAF scientists from 8 nations who have written nearly 150 scientific research papers on GcMAF, all of them peer reviewed and published in the world’s top scientific journals. Just over half of them are republished on the US National Library of Medicine, i.e. Pubmed.  It looks as though she’s bought and paid for by the big pharma lobbying system

The MHRA have concealed GcMAF from the public for 25 years. 160,000 British people die of cancer, every year. So about 1.5 million people are now dead as a result of the MHRA’s criminal activities.

The MHRA close the bank accounts of innocent, honest British companies with successful products like GcMAF, by abusing the Banking Compliance System, and Restraint Order law (Proceeds of Crime Act 2003), where you are considered guilty without ever being given the chance to prove you are innocent.

Both of these systems break the written British Constitution, and the EU Treaty of Fundamental Human Rights, where you have to be considered innocent until proven guilty.  The MHRA also close the personal bank accounts of their directors and families, leaving them penniless, unable to buy groceries or pay the mortgage.

The MHRA are just one of many bodies in the 2.9 Billion dollar big pharma lobbying system, controlled by big pharma, or with big pharma directors on their boards, doing their bidding, spreading disinformation to keep their profits at the hundred Billion dollar level.

Picture: Gerald Heddell, MHRA  Director, from Glaxo Smith Kline

Patrick Swayse, Terry Wogan, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Lynda Bellingham, all would still be with us if the MHRA published effective treatments, instead of banning them; they specialise in murder for profit.

May we please ask MPs to close the deadly MHRA down?

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