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The Glyphosate killer

Monsanto’s Roundup Glyphosate is a deadly weed killer that promotes obesity, diabetes, multiple myeloma, lymphoma, leukemia, infertility, autism, endocrine disruption, DNA damage, birth defects, severe liver damage, chronic kidney disease.


It effects hormonal damage, which can cause organ damage and hormone-dependent cancer; disruption of gut bacteria, and neurotoxicity. Just trillionths of a gram of it can cause breast cancer.


Over nine million tons of Glyphosate have been spread on our fields. It’s in our water table, our soil, crops, the food industry, and over 90% of westerners have it in their bodies. A third of our bread contains Glyphosate, the world’s biggest selling weedkiller.



It reacts with compounds around it - it has a 47 day half life, unless it comes into contact with trace metals, when that goes up to 22 years. You cannot predict what disease it will cause, because that depends on what it combined with in the soil, in food processing, and in your body. And it drives toxins into the body.


In Central America, India and Sri Lanka, a hundred thousand farmers have died. Glyphosate combines with cadmium and arsenic in the soil, and takes those metals in to the body, where it causes chronic kidney failure (CKD) and often, death. In Nicaragua, so many farm workers have died its known as “The Island of Widows.” The US government, which is completely behind Monsanto, has been withdrawing aid from nations that refuse to buy Glyphosate.


Some nations have taken gentle steps towards banning Glyphosate, but it needs to be a worldwide ban.


Hundreds of research papers have been written on the damage it does. But as fast as those papers are completed, Monsanto pays scientists to produce disinformation papers that refute those results.

In India it seems 250,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide since 1995 after buying Monsanto’s Genetically Modified (GMO) seeds, that either failed, or the seeds it generated for next year’s planting failed, because they are genetically engineered to make sure the farmer pays again.


Monsanto appears to be one of the world’s most evil companies, and nations where it is incorporated need to pass laws to strike it off, seize its assets, and close it down.


Glyphosate is part of a trio of EMF - Electro Magnetic Fields (eg wifi) and vaccines, which are doing huge damage to our generation.

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