In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

Sabotage of Brexit and “No Deal”

Theresa May was a “Remainer” prior to the Referendum, and she has never said that she has changed her mind. She chose Olly Robbins, also a Remainer, to do the negotiations. He sabotaged her Brexit Minister, which is why three of them resigned.

It seems May, Robbins and the EU negotiated to create a deal they knew would be rejected. A defeat by 230 MP’s must have been more than even they expected. Was Theresa May’s plan to deliberately create so much confusion that voters would be appalled and accept remaining in the EU?

Nigel Farrage or Jacob Rees Mogg

Only a Remainer would have created a deal so bad that we would have effectively remained under the non-democratic control of Brussels, but with no say over our fate. It seems the Leave case will continue to be sabotaged while May remains Prime Minister. If Brexit is to happen it seems we have to have a PM who voted Leave and believes in it - someone like Nigel Farrage or Jacob Rees Mogg.

The overwhelming and fraudulent attack by politicians, corporates, civil servants and the media using “Project Fear” confuse the public so that they cannot see the simple and effective solution - “No Deal”.

The EU has told us that it will keep the borders open in the event of a “No Deal” to ensure trade flows smoothly. There will only be a problem if we use customs officials to use regulations to block imports and exports. And British bureaucrats are the worst, the most fastidious and choking regulators in the EU. Any issues over No Deal will be entirely the fault of our bureaucrats.

A second referendum will take more than one year to organise. Britain will have to participate in the next round of EU Parliamentary elections. The result of a second referendum or Peoples’ Poll is likely to produce the same result as before.

No idea

A General Election may or may not result in a Labour Government. The Labour Party is as split over Brexit as the Tories. They have no idea either. Any deal they come up with will also have two years of negotiations in the transition.

As many expected, the EU negotiating team has treated Britain appallingly to scare off the many nations who want to leave the EU. They have said point blank that we can’t change anything in the 585 page deal, so there is no point all those MP’s backing options that will be flatly refused. And don’t forget there are still two plus years of negotiations with the EU after the last deal. Those ghastly negotiations are nowhere near over. Only No Deal finally cuts off negotiations.

  It is much quicker with No Deal, everything is over by the end of March, with the EU guaranteeing supplies. Even if they didn’t, the EU is only 4 per cent of our economy. We can look at the 180 nations already trading on No Deal terms - the World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms. They are doing better than the EU. The Euro is a failure and we need to avoid it.

No Deal would put us in the strongest possible position, saves us £371 Billion a year, we get our fishing Back (£40 Billion),we get out of the Common Agricultural Policy and can buy food cheaper from the 93 per cent of the world outside. We will be better off, a richer nation, with No Deal.

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