Sabotage of the Medical Innovation Act

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act


Lord Saatchi’s Medical Innovation Bill became law as “The Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Act” on the 23rd March 2016.

By Kurnal De Noilles

  Its very laudable aim is to allow new treatments to be registered, then monitored to see how well they work.

  At the moment, the big pharmaceutical companies, who control all of Jeremy Hunt MP’s departments of health, destroy new medical innovation, particularly if it is inexpensive, because it is a threat to their massive profits in their trillion dollar industry. The website calculates 200,000 British die every year because of this Big Pharma greed.

Lethal chemo

  The best example of this is cancer and chemotherapy. Chemo began its life as World War One mustard gas. Its a 100 year old poison, but today Big Pharma charges the NHS an average of £40,000 a round.

  Chemotherapy has horrific side effects including destroying complete body organs, causing lethal necrosis (death) of the bone, “chemo brain” where you lose the ability to think, the inability to feel hands and feet, the loss of the ability to walk, the list goes on. Half of cancer patients don’t die of cancer, they die from the chemotherapy poison.

  The website lists 12 natural competitors, with no side effects, the most expensive and effective of which is GcMAF, at £400 a round.

  GcMAF was discovered in 1990, and Big Pharma has concealed it from you since then. It is a natural human protein. Cancer has to stop its production in the body in order to grow. But if you administer it externally, it is effective with all tumour cancers and that is 90% of them.

Worst cancer

  With the worst cancer of all, pancreatic cancer, which is always a one way, quick trip to death, GcMAF clinics have a 100% success record of taking a terminal stage four pancreatic patient with a week or two to live, to no symptoms of cancer in three months. At that point the patient goes back to work. Actually back to the golf course, because most of them are in their 70’s and 80’s. After another year, some pancreatic patients become cancer free.  Even at home, patients get a 60% success rate.

  There are 300 scientists behind it, and they have written around 150 GcMAF research papers, peer reviewed and published in the world’s top scientific journals, but they never make it to the newspapers. The worst offender is the Daily Mail, who won’t even read the research papers when they receive them.

  The British company Immuno Biotech Ltd ( was the world leader in GcMAF, with 11,000 patients, until the MHRA, with Big Pharma directors on its board, closed it down.  They told its bankers to close its bank accounts and keep the money, no judge, no jury, no justice. They used the Banking Compliance System, which is illegal under both the British Constitution and the EU Treaty of Human Rights, where you are innocent unit proven guilty. No court case will ever be allowed.

Act buried

  So where is the Medical Innovation Act Now? Is GcMAF at last on its way to us? How many new treatments are now in use because of the Act?

  Absolutely none. Zero. The Big Pharma bosses of Minister Jeremy Hunt MP’s health departments have buried the entire Act. Even the Register of Treatments does not exist.


  Jeremy Hunt should either throw Big Pharma out of all his Health Departments, or resign.

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