In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

Have you been affected

by a psychopath?

From the beginning of time, one group of people has tried to become the elite and to control the rest. Democracy was invented to stop this. Who are these elites? They are psychopaths, who have an irresistible urge to control, dominate, enslave and often kill people. This was particularly apparent in Babylon in Iraq, 1800 to 300 BC, which was run by psychopaths, and was virtually a satanic city.

The most successful psychopath in the 1900s was Adolf Hitler, who killed 55 million in 5 years, including 10 million German men. Everyone forgets the Germans he killed. Chairman Mao of China was another - he killed 40 million.

Tony Blair and George Bush killed 1.5 million in Iraq, and didn't tell you they left a million babies horrifically mutilated with their depleted uranium bombs. A number of medics confirm they are psychopaths.

Anders Breivik, the gunman who killed 77 people in a bomb and shooting rampage in 2011 in Norway is a psychopath; like George Bush, he is immensely proud of killing them.

One in twenty five people is a psychopath. Their brains are wired differently to ours. Psychopaths view ordinary people like you and me as inferior, as animals to be controlled. They have no emotion or compassion, and have to fake it; they are narcissists, have a sense of emptiness about them, may not have a sense of smell, and when asleep, they do not dream.

They are charming, but expert at ripping people off with no conscience, because they have none. They will strike up a close, controlling relationship with you, make you feel incredibly important, then desert and attack you, instantaneously. If you've experienced that, you know a psychopath. If you are married to one, the break up and their attack afterwards will be particularly devastating.  They will already have a new victim lined up. Some victims take the view they are demonic, or there is no human being in there.

Female psychopaths are expert manipulators, particularly of men, and get good friends hating each other. They will isolate and control their target.

Psychopaths have a flaw which usually make them fail in their long term plans, because they have a god-like belief they will get away with any level of dishonesty; that's what catches some out in the end.

Most, at the bottom, are content with controlling one individual, and living off their earnings while they do nothing. They may promise they will change, but cannot.

At the top end, the military industrial complex, the big pharmaceutical corporations who kill millions with their poisonous drugs and vaccines, the media, religions, and government, all have psychopaths at the top. The psychiatric profession has them from the top to the bottom. All in the name of control.

In England we have the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency, the MHRA. By licensing incredibly expensive drugs that kill. and preventing the British from accessing inexpensive treatments that work, they make billions for the big pharmaceutical corporations at the expense of 200,000 British lives a year. Those are the actions of psychopaths.

GcMAF is the bodies way of curing cancer, a human protein and a human right. The MHRA have concealed it from the public for 27 years, killing at least 110,000 a year.

Britain's Immuno Biotech Ltd became the world leader, supplied 11.500 people, were saving 77% of terminal cancer patients, and wrote 33 of the 150 scientific research papers on GcMAF.

The MHRA lied to the courts, got their bank accounts closed, all their scientists and doctors fired, closed their laboratories, clinics, distribution and offices, and is still carrying out raids on staff homes, and those former facilities, even though now inactive.

Their arrests include contacting France, and getting them to issue a European Arrest Warrant for the CEO, David Noakes, locking him up again, this time in Wandsworth Prison. If he does get extradited, at 64 he'll die in a French prison. Human rights in France are much worse than here.

This continual massive, ruthless, continuous and conscience free persecution of a man who has saved over a thousand from cancer, and 6,000 from other diseases, are precisely the actions of psychopaths. See for more.

Its psychopaths who control the central one percent of freemasonry, who have planned to build the one world superstate, with them as the elites, since Babylonian times. Britain just fell out of their latest  attempt with Brexit. Above freemasonry are the 13 banking families, and the 140 Bilderbergers. Those three bodies are the psychopaths who plan to rule the world.

All serial paedophiles are psychopaths. They are selfish and sadistic, pathological liars, cannot love, but they love destroying human hearts and lives, love being psychopaths, see themselves as predatory, no responsibilities, and free. For you and me, they are the demons living amongst us.

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