Parliament killing 200,000 patients a year

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

Parliament is killing 200,000 patients a year

| By Rodney Atkinson

Many people who have given to Cancer charities wonder why no meaningful progress has been made in the treatment of this disease. In fact there are very effective cures, but they are being ruthlessly concealed by big pharmaceutical companies.


  GcMAF was discovered in the human body by scientists in the 1980’s. It is a human protein, 40 times as powerful as the poison Chemotherapy, one per cent the cost and it has no side effects. Three hundred scientists have written 150 peer-reviewed research papers on it, and over 12,000 patients have been treated, 75 per cent of terminal stage 4 cancer patients, successfully. 

  How has GcMAF been concealed? Since 1974 Parliament has allowed the lobby money from big pharmaceutical companies to design the medicine laws. They created a monopoly for themselves. These laws are a disgrace: no small company can bring any new treatment to market.


  The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (HMRA) then prosecutes under laws they fraudulently helped to create. It has closed four natural cancer treatments to our knowledge: Vitamin B17, or Apricot Kernels, Zara’s Tea that contains combretastatin (906 Research papers on PubMed), Sheep’s Sorrel (found in Essiac), Cannabis Oil and GcMAF.

  GcMAF was produced by a British company, Immuno Biotech, that gave away 15 per cent of its production to hard up patients for nothing. The MHRA carried out 33 persecutions against Immune Biotech who saved hundreds of lives from cancer and saved thousands from 50 other serious diseases that GcMAF treats.

  Their bank accounts were closed, its 4 scientists, 7 doctors, a total of 27 staff were fired. The company was closed down and the MHRA killed 200 patients who were recovering from their illnesses, but died when MHRA banned GcMAF.


  Staff had to sign bail and hand over their passports. The company’s premises were raided 14 times by over 100 officers. HMRA employees committed perjury on their witness statements to Canterbury Court.   

  They seized all  the assets of the company’s staff and after four years took them to court for “making a medicine without a licence. As this charge is a strict liability offence, the authorities denied Immuno Biotech a jury trial. David Noakes and one of his scientists were jailed at Wandsworth Prison. Built in 1851 for 900 people, it now has 1,800 prisoners.

  Trial judge Nicolas Loraine Smith, said he was looking forward to GcMAF being released in the future. He failed to understand there is no way the HMRA will ever licence GcMAF. They have two Big  Pharma directors on their board and the unlicensed treatment would wipe out the poison of chemotherapy if it is ever made available. At a tiny fraction of the cost and with no side effects, GcMAF would take over and the pharmaceutical companies would lose their $200 billion a year cancer racket.

Nobel prize

  Not many people know that the average cost of chemotherapy is £40,000 a round. GcMAF was £380 a round. Immuno Biotech could have made if for considerably less for the NHS given economy of scale.

  The 2018 Nobel prize for medicine went to two scientists who used antigens to release T-Cells. Why wasn’t Immune Biotech’s Her2 Oncogene paper chosen? Why weren’t IBL’s papers on GcMAF chosen? GcMAF is three times the power of the natural killer cells method.

  Twelve public bodies, including 20 MP’s, have stated the MHRA is corrupt. They frequently licence drugs from big pharmaceutical companies that kill. The website lists a dozen of these. The MHRA licence Vioxx, that killed 149,000, opioids that killed 202,000 and Avandia that killed 83,000 in the US alone. Avandia is owned by Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) who were given a $3 Billion dollar fine in the USA.

  Paxil (Seroxat) caused ‘only’ 1,026 deaths, but the withdrawal symptoms are so bad it has wrecked countless thousands of lives. In Britain under the MHRA GSK escaped without penalty as the MHRA has ex GSK directors on its board.

  Immuno Biotech products never killed a single person was ruthlessly targeted and its directors imprisoned. Two hundred patients who had been recovering, died of their cancers when the MHRA closed the company down. By licensing pharmaceutical drugs that kill, and banning safe natural treatments it has been calculated the MHRA kills 200,000 British people every year. If adopted by the NHS, GcMAF would save 120,000 of the 160,000 people who die of cancer every year.

  We understand big Pharma corporations and the MHRA are concerned with profits and care nothing for human life. But to have politicians and government collaborating in this perpetual cycle of premeditated murder and death is shocking.


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