One man’s view of Smart Meters

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

One man’s view

of  Smart Meters

I have been approached three times recently by my electricity and gas supplier with the purpose of arranging the installation of one of these new ‘smart’ meters.  You will probably know the type of thing I mean as these are being heavily advertised on TV right now with the message that they will set you free somehow.

|  By Brian Hall

It has occurred to me just how much we are all being badgered into having something that we may not necessarily automatically approve of, much less benefit from.  This is a government driven roll out but at the behest of a directive from the European Commission, the Brussels cabal that Britain will soon be leaving.

Do we all know how smart meters operate? No, we do not.  Should we be made aware how these smart meter operate and what they are capable of? Yes we should.

Jet away?

We are being sold the advantages by the bucket load just how wonderful life is going to be after smart meters, we’ll be able to buy a personal jet with the savings.

 Truth is though, smart meters are only designed to record all the usage of your household utilities, gas and electricity, however this information along with some of your personal detail would be broadcast relentlessly via microwave technology 24/7 to anyone passing your home carrying the required reciprocal equipment to read it.  Microwave technology remember is the dangerous one, you know, the one that is proven to cause tumours and various other debilitating or killer conditions.

 Do we want any more of this technology in our homes over and above what we already have, mobile phones, tablet computers etcetera? I think maybe not.

 I certainly will not be giving this spy kit house room at my place, not because of the unrestrained freedoms promised such as never having to read your own meters again but for the undisclosed and undefined dangers within their use.

 If your family and neighbours (Also Affected) are continuously bombarded with this unseen high frequency microwave radio technology any one of them could be struck down at any time with all manner of lethal conditions.  Will you as the household have any room to complain, in fact would any responsible body even listen to you?

£11billion programme

By 2019, the government plans to have replaced 53 million gas and electricity meters across the UK with smart meters.

 These meters will provide domestic consumers with almost immediate information on their energy consumption plus communicate wirelessly with energy providers, eliminating the need for estimated billing.

  Ofgem anticipates that the smart meter installation programme that began in 2014 could cost upwards of £11 billion and that installation price tag is only the beginning.

 The main catalyst for the government’s mass installation of smart meters came in July 2009, when a European Commission Directive made it a requirement that 80 percent of EU households have a smart meters installed by 2020.

 Typically, the British Government felt that it could be even more ambitious by adopting a plan that would see 53 million smart meters installed in 30 million homes and businesses across the country by 2019.

No energy saved

The claim is that smart meters will cut out waste and save money. But you would need to be constantly monitoring the meter to achieve this and households will save, on average, £23 a year.

 The meters themselves do not save energy, they simply show how much energy is being consumed.

The energy companies have been tasked with installing and paying for these smart meters however there is nothing to stop the energy companies transferring that cost onto consumer’s afterwards.

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