One family’s battle with LMBBS

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

One family’s battle

with LMBBS

Laurence-Moon-Bardet-Biedl syndrome (LMBBS) is a rare genetic disorder in which the body does not make cilia properly and there was no known cure.  The symptoms are similar to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; sufferers can barely get out of bed and have little hope of holding a job down. Patients usually go blind by their mid twenties, often suffer from a poor immune system, and can have kidneys problems along with often chronic obesity.

  Nigel Robson was the father of two young adults with LMBBS. He asked Immuno Biotech if GcMAF would help, to which its CEO, David Noakes, replied “I have no idea, but it has no side effects, never does harm, and you have nothing to lose by trying.”

   Nigel gave it to himself first. To his surprise, in two weeks it got rid of severe chronic acne he had on his back for 40 years.

  In February 2014 he gave it to his son and daughter. Two months later they had normal energy levels, got themselves jobs, and places in further education. Nearly all symptoms of the disease had disappeared. More surprisingly, he was able to track slow improvements in their macular degeneration: their eyesight was improving.

    Over the moon, Nigel contacted the LMBBS Society,, in Britain. A scientist himself, he asked if he could make a presentation at the annual conference so that the 300 other people with the disease in Britain could get their lives back too. Although he had previously attended the conference, the Society flatly refused.

  Immuno Biotech made an approach, knowing they would have to provide the GcMAF without charge, as nearly all sufferers have no income. The LMBBS Society refused them too, and said they would be thrown out if they attended.

  So the company had a meeting with Professor Philip Beales, Britain’s only LMBBS Professor, at the University College of London, UCL.  Four scientists from his side, two from Immuno Biotech, 8 people in total. Professor Beals agreed he would grow mice with LMBBS, and test GcMAF on them, to IBL’s disappointment; they wanted to give the patients GcMAF to relieve the suffering as quickly as possible.

   Six months later Nigel produced a scientific poster on the results of GcMAF on his children, and the Ciliopathy scientific conference at the Institute Pasteur in Paris agreed to publish it. LMBBS is the worst of the Ciliopathy diseases. David Noakes and Nigel Robson both attended the conference, 18-21st November 2014. David was trying to persuade scientists to accept GcMAF without charge to research why it has a positive effect on LMBBS’s symptoms.

    On the second morning he was greeted by Professor Philip Beales and two security men, who were to throw him out of the conference. Professor Beales dishonestly stated it was because David had been trying to sell the GcMAF. After explaining that was untrue, David asked Beales if he had ever grown those mice. The answer was no.

  Afterwards IBL emailed all 180 Scientists who attended the conference offering GcMAF without charge. Not one replied. And that is where it ended. Over a year later, Professor Beales and the LMBBS society are still concealing GcMAF from sufferers, condemning them to a life without hope.

   GcMAF is a human protein, and a human right. It successfully treats 50 diseases, and all tumour cancers, which is 90% of them. It has no side effects. This is a typical experience for Immuno Biotech. Vested interests are continually blocking the company’s path, and condemning people to lives with disease, or in the case of cancer, condemning sufferers to death.

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