No Deal

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

"No Deal" is

just Perfect

Facts show that only 10 per cent of Britain's Gross Domestic Product is overseas trade. Only 40 per cent of that 10 per cent is trade with the EU. All of the negotiations with Brussels and the talk about Brexit or remain is about just 4 per cent of our economy. Taking into account that we import far more from Europe than we export to them, that 4 per cent costs us a massive £70 billion a year.

The EU is just 7per cent of the Worldís population. EU rules outlaw much of our trade with the 93 percent of the world outside. Without a deal we will get that 4 per cent back from the 93 per cent of the world in months.

Theresa May's two years of turgid negotiations have been wasted on a lousy 4 per cent of our economy that costs us £70 billion. And the EU has treated Britain abominably. We should walk away from the EU and kiss them goodbye with a 'No Deal'.

If the EU then refuses to trade with us, they will lose the UK, the largest market for BMWs, Audis and VWs. It will cost them £70 billion and make British drivers consider Jaguars and Range Rovers.

Begging for trade

So EU companies will be begging to trade with us if we have a No Deal that would put us in the strongest possible position. The entire EU project has been both illegal and treasonous under our common law the British Constitution, and our statute law. But our lawyers, courts and judges break those three with impunity.

Now we have the ìNo Dealí Project Fear. Everyone is on the bandwagon. State research will plummet at 150 universities without EU grants, we are told. They omit to tell us that the grant money comes from the British contributions of £11 billion, out of which we get back one third in the form of grants. It costs us three times as much to fund grants to universities via the EU as it would outside.

When PM Edward Heath took us into the EU, he signed away our fishing industry. Two hundred and fifty thousand fishermen and wives lost their jobs. Thousands of fishing vessels, many made out of steel and over 200 feet long, were left to rot. The EU destroyed our fishing stocks with 27 nations allowed to exhauster waters. Today the EU has introduced quotas and you are only allowed to land the type of fish in your quota. That often means that 90 per cent of the catch has to be thrown back - dead. This is typical of EU law - it does the opposite of what it is supposed to achieve, and for over ten years it has kept UK fish stocks at disastrously low levels. Large mesh sizes are the proper way to protect fish sustainability.

There are half a million UK anglers wondering why they arenít catching much. Few are aware it is because of the EU. Thatís the case with half the British people to whom this article will come as a surprise - the same half who are convinced by Project Fear.

There are 130,000 EU regulations growing at 3,500 a year. They disempower us and take away our liberty. Thatís 130,000 things that are now illegal. There are 3,000 EU Laws including the Proceeds of Crime Act 2003, the money-laundering regulations and the banking compliance rules. A bureaucrat can close your bank account and keep your money without reference to a court. No bank account is safe, including yours.

EU law and regulations are savage. The McBride Brothers from Northern Ireland landed a box of cod fish that was not in their quota, worth perhaps £100. They were fined £317,000. They mortgaged their house and raised £120,000 towards the fine. But the Court held that all their assets, including their home was ëProceeds of Crimeí, they were not allowed to re-mortgage and were put into Liverpool Prison.

Cure for cancer

GcMAF is the cure for cancer that the world has been waiting for. Its been concealed by Parliament, big Pharma and the Courts for 25 years. GcMAF has 300 scientists and 400 doctors behind it. Immuno Biotech put it into production and saved the lives of 75 per cent of patients with terminal stage 4 cancer. Its CEO David Noakes has been thrown into Wandsworth Prison, his bank accounts closed under the Proceeds of Crime Act and all his personal belongings are being seized. He will be penniless on release.

This could not have happened under British Common Law because you have to prove some harm or loss to a victim. Immuno Biotech's GcMAF was 1 per cent the cost of Chemotherapy forty times as powerful, has no side effects on 90 per cent of people and minor effects on the rest. The MHRA - see - prosecuted this company. But they approved Avandia, Vioxx and opioids that have killed 450,000 in the USA alone. GcMAF is a human protein that all people make in their blood, and without EU law it might have made it into the NHS where it will save 120,000 lives a year.

Britain spends 100 million pounds a year enforcing the EUs 130,000 regulations according to the Better Regulation Commission. We spend 210 billion on 8,500 EU quangos, according to the Cabinet Office, the largest of which is the Health and Safety Commission, which also disempowers us. We spend 10 billion on the EU's Common Agricultural Policy that makes our food more expensive. Although we dont have tarrifs on the EU, the EU forces tarrifs, ie taxes, on us for our trade with 93 per cent of the world outside the EU.

Add up the annual surpluses we would get from the No Deal, 100 Billion saved enforcing EU regulations, 210 Billion in Quangos, 10 Billion on CAP, 40 Billion on fishing - thats 360 billion annually. It makes a mockery of the 11 Billion EU contribution, the only figure our simple Politicians talk about.

The European Council, the Council of Ministers and the European Commissioners are all unelected. It is a three tier Politbureau style dictatorship on the old Soviet model complete with a sham powerless Parliament in Brussels. History shows that dictatorships cause wars. EU MEPs who have no legislative power yet get 480,000 in salary and expenses, the Brussells gravy train is obscene. EU fraud is so bad that accounts have not been signed off by its auditors ever. Not once in its history. In fact 95 per cent of expenditure is unaccounted for. The EU has the constitution of a dictatorship and the laws of a police state.


Remainers foolishly think that the EU has prevented wars for 46 years. No it is the 28 democratic nations that have prevented war. As a dictatorship the EU presents a frightening future, particularly as it develops its army. All of us can be dragged off to any prison in Europe under the European Arrest Warrant (EAW). France has perhaps the worst jails in Europe. You can wait in jail for two years four months if you live that long, using a toilet in a hole in the ground.

Thousands of innocent English people have had their lives wrecked by the Proceeds of Crime Act and hundreds uffer under the EAW. David Noakes and his scientists suffer under both. All they did was save hundreds from cancer and thousands from disease. In the EU you are automatically guilty when arrested by police and have to prove your innocence. More and more that is the case under British Law. And you are likely to be denied a jury now.

The EU is a catastrophe that has wrecked the economies of Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, France and Greece. Fifty per cent of Greeks are unemployed in some areas and outside Athens 50 per cent of businesses are closed or losing money. Before the Euro Greece used to devalue regularly to cater for their lower productivity in the heat. They can't now: their businesses have folded and been replaced by Germany.

The two most successful countries in Europe, Norway and Switzerland, aren't in the EU. We want our tarrif free economy back, our Common Law and British Constitution back. We want our freedom and wealth back, and we want to say goodbye to this ugly dictatorship as soon as we can.

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