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London will play host to the first ever drone film festival later this Spring. The inaugural London Drone Film Festival will celebrate big screen projects made using drones as the emerging technology continues to change the face of the film industry. Drones have enabled Filmmakers to create spectacular shots that would have been either impossible or impractical before drone technology existed. Drone technology is now being quickly put to work in new and innovative ways by a host of cutting-edge filmmakers.


The London Drone Film festival will take place on Monday 23rd May at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London and will showcase the incredible work being done by filmmakers around the world using drone technology. Drones offer a safer, cheaper and more adaptable solution for capturing the perfect aerial shot than traditional methods. Recognised as a valuable tool in the story making process, drones create new avenues for filmmakers pursuing airborne shots.


Judging will take place in 10 categories, with the panel comprised of TV and film professionals as well as leaders in the technology field. With categories such as ‘still photography’, ‘extreme sports’, ‘landscape and architecture’ and ‘selfie’, the festival will recognise those pioneering new techniques and best adopting drone solutions to deliver entertainment and visual mastery to a range of audiences.


The festival is more than just an awards ceremony and will bring together a host of industry professionals from a number of nations and specialities. In addition to offering a fantastic networking opportunity, the festival will also provide a forum for early adopters of aerial filming to discuss current trends and topics as well as future plans.


Festival founder, Owen James said: "The future of aerial cinematography is really exciting, and the first London Drone Film Festival is a great way to both showcase and celebrate the amazing work already being created. Drones have enabled filmmakers to be bolder with filming locations and shot choices, and as technology advances, what we see today is just the tip of the iceberg."


The LDFF is truly an international drone film festival, having received over 170 submissions from 45 countries across 10 categories.


Applications are still open, with finalists announced next month, ready for the event in May. If you would like to enter a film into an award category or if you would like more information, visit the London Drone Film Festival website:

London to host the first dedicated drone film festival in May

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