In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

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Leave the

EU easily:


1. The six EU treaties break our British Constitution and treason laws. They are Null and Void - Declare them so.


2. There is no number 2 - that’s it, we’re out.


Don’t negotiate, don’t bother with Article 50. Don’t allow the EU to dictate our immigration. Don’t negotiate EU trade deals, they are not necessary. Most of the trade in the world is done without trade deals.


By Kurnal De Noilles


Instead of trading with the 7% of the world that is an economic disaster, and with a Euro on the verge of collapse, we’ll be trading with the 93% of the world that is doing well.


We lose £70 billion a year trading with Europe. That’s because the 120,000 EU regulations make trading with the EU loss making for us. We should forget about the EU.


Nations outside the EU do not have 30 million immigrants here already, and a million a year coming in, as Britain does. Immigration should go back to how it was in the 1960’s before we joined the EU, and the same as it is now in most other sensible countries in the world today.


Boris Johnson was pathetic as leader of the Leave campaign. He never made any of the points that count: that the EU is a three tier politburo dictatorship with a sham parliament, that its trying to begin a war with President Vladimir Putin, that 93% of the world is outside, that the richest nations in Europe, Norway and Switzerland, are not in the EU, that the EU’s immigration policy means the British become a minority in their own country in just 9 more years; there are 100 major points Johnson deliberately missed.


Now we know, after the book by Sir Craig Oliver, Cameron’s Director of Communication, Johnson took the leadership of the Leave campaign to sabotage it. Nine minutes before he took over, he told Cameron “Brexit would be crushed like a toad.”


Boris Johnson’s sabotage is about as dirty as it gets in politics.


Remain voters say Leave lied, and want another referendum. No, it was Remain, David Cameron, the Government, George Osborne, Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, who lied that the economy would crash if we left the EU. The opposite happened - the economy is stronger.


Mark Carney should resign and go back to Canada - he deliberately lied to the people of Britain, to deceive us into voting for the EU. The last thing we need is a dishonest man running the Bank of England.


The astonishing thing is that we British despised the EU so much, that even with the entire British government lying to us, a majority still voted Leave. And Leavers, and quite a few Remainers who believed the lies, are now delighted Leave won. All talk of a second referendum has ceased - it would be won by Leave with a larger majority.


One of the surprises in Sir Craig Oliver’s book is it is very clear Theresa May was always anti EU - the weak mutterings she made in favour of it were because of intense pressure on her by David Cameron.


It looks as though in Theresa May, we’ve got the right dame.





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