Jason Bourne finessed

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

GcMAF and Jason Bourne

The scientists and staff behind GcMAF, the cancer cure the world has been waiting for, are being chased by corrupt governments, just like Jason Bourne in his movies; only this is real life.

The UK's MHRA acts like the Treadstone agency, arresting staff, closing their laboratories, closing Immuno Biotech Ltd's (IBL) and personal bank accounts, stopping credit cards, forcing them to live on goodwill and any cash they have in their pockets. The MHRA are expert at manipulating the police,  the law, the courts, media and governments in Switzerland, France, Holland, Guernsey, Spain and Lithuania to collude in their dirty trade. 

David Noakes, the CEO, and his girlfriend, a biomedical scientist, are under the threat of an European arrest warrant.  Some staff are always changing phones and cars, moving from one safe house to the next, wondering if the policemen they are looking at right now have been manipulated into serving the corrupt MHRA. The last time they felt safe was at their own GcMAF Conference in Moscow.

One completely innocent staff member is in a French jail for 4 months without charge. He can't raise money to organise a defence while held incommunicado in prison. At the end of that, time, he'll simply be held again. Human rights in France are much worse than the UK.

Sixty one doctors, one a week so far, have already been murdered to protect big pharmaceutical corporations' profits. The first was Dr Jeffrey Bradstreet, (the assassin just shot him in the chest) who was curing 60% of non verbal autistic children with GcMAF.

The stakes are high - while free the staff stand a chance of communicating clandestinely from a distance with their lawyers and building a case to stop the MHRA. Once locked inside, its all over.

If the MHRA, with their big pharma directors win, they'll be able to block GcMAF for another 26 years, and 160,000 English will continue to die unnecessarily of cancer every year.  If Immuno Biotech Ltd  wins, cancer will become a minor, easily treatable disease.

Its not as though IBL (www.gcmaf.se) haven't tried. Their scientists have written 33 scientific research papers, all peer reviewed and published in the world's top scientific journals, adding to the 150 of the other 300 GcMAF scientists, all of them ignored by the British newspapers and all health departments.

They've treated two hundred in their clinic, and were reducing terminal stage 4 tumours by 25% a week, saving 4 lives a month. That clinic was closed with 8 police traumatising the 4 female doctors and nurses present for ten hours. See www.corruptswitzerland.st

They've treated 11,000 at home: conclusively proving it saves people from cancer. GcMAF is the way the body stops cancer in the first place - you can't catch cancer unless the cancer prevents your body producing your own GcMAF, which can only happen if you are weak.

When the evidence was presented to the Press, they ignored it. Private Eye wouldn't even reply to the emails. Investigative journalism really is dead.

The problem is chemotherapy's a $200 Billion dollar industry. Its a poison that maims and kills at £40,000 a round, but you would be astonished how these pharmaceutical corporations, given a choice of human life over profits, will choose the profits every time, ruthlessly and illegally closing down any competition. So part of GcMAF's problem is it has no side effects, and is just 1% the cost of chemotherapy.

Its appalling how out-of-control government agencies like the MHRA are allowed to destroy and kill. Why is there no ombudsman, or a way a member of the public can bring a corrupt agency to the government's notice?

To verify this story:

Go to www.gcmaf.se/proof . Five top Japanese cancer research institutes, including the prestigious Atomic Bomb Cancer Institute of Nagasaki, wrote this first GcMAF paper.

To see see some of the hundreds of scientific research papers on GcMAF:

Google  "Scholarly articles for GcMAF scientific research"

To interview the IBL CEO, you can contact us.

See some of the patients saved from terminal stage 4 cancer at www.gcmaf.se/videos

Read some of their written results at gcmaf.se/news

To interview some of the patients, ask the CEO.

To follow links to the reports of 10 public bodies, including the Parliamentary Select Committee on Health, who state the MHRA is corrupt,  see www.MHRAcorrupt.st. and note the petition to close them down has 12,000 signatures.

Google: "Dr Bradstreet murder, GcMAF"

For IBL's 33 scientific research papers, www.gcmaf.se click the Science, then "Immuno Biotech's 40 papers"

If you want more proof, tell us what you want.

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