Complete press censorship on health

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

Complete press censorship on health

The press flatly refuse to publish one of the most exciting stories of our times - that there is a cure for cancer. We emailed all the British National Dailies to tell them of the GcMAF Awareness Day at 11 am on September 11th outside the Houses of Parliament in London. 200 people turned up with their own banners and T shirts, which said “GcMAF cures cancer” and “Free Lynda Thyer.”

Not one newspaper turned up. They are all ruthlessly controlled, as they are in any dictatorship. The press is no longer a watchdog: It is a lapdog to massive corporations and government.

GcMAF is a safe natural human protein, and therefore a human right, which saves the lives of 75% of stage four cancer patients.

Instead we made 5 videos which are on facebook, Youtube (UKColumn) and Twitter. We had telephoned and emailed the three political parties; they said they would receive our GcMAF presentation.  We marched to the Conservative Party Headquarters at 4 Mathew Parker Street.

The Conservatives flatly refused to receive our A4 envelope. Eventually, after chanting “GcMAF Cures Cancer” and “Free Lyn Thyer” I pushed my way through their locked gate when someone else badged their way in, and was able to give it to a doorman.

We marched to the Brexit Party headquarters at 83 Victoria Street. The receptionist said they had moved with no forwarding address. We rang the party, they said they were still there. The receptionist flatly refused to take our envelope.

At the Labour Party HQ at 105 Victoria Street the most ghastly woman, a real sales prevention officer and last person you would have in a marketing position, flatly refused, as did reception, to receive our envelope. Then 20 of us gatecrashed our way into reception to no avail.

All of these political parties are more concerned with isolating themselves from the public, with locked entrances, security enforced receptions, and internal policies of avoiding all public contact.

We had also emailed some investigative journalists, Russian Television,, and Al Jazeera. No, they didn’t show up as usual.

The BBC, see, and the Daily Mail, only support the $1.3 trillion pharmaceutical corporations and their henchmen, the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency, with its big pharma directors, who kill 200,000 British a year according to

But an Iranian film crew asked what the demonstration was about and filmed me while I told them. So the only public media we could get was Arabian. How England has fallen.

We’ve already had 33 persecutions, including all our bank accounts shut for nearly 5 years, 14 raids by over 100 officers, forced to watch 200 people recovering from stage 4 cancer then die of it when the MHRA banned GcMAF, perjury by the MHRA, then 15 court cases, 4 prison sentences with more to come. All to protect the multi billion dollar super profits of the poison of chemotherapy.

We want to free Lynda Thyer, the first of 4 GcMAF biomedical scientists, because the MHRA contacted their opposite numbers, OCLAESP in France, and asked them to prosecute her and myself to double our sentences, to 26 years in my case, to keep GcMAF hidden for another 25 years.

Its illegal to prosecute twice for the same offence in Europe under both the Lisbon Treaty and the ECHR, the European Convention of Human Rights. But the law does not trouble either the judges or the Crown Prosecution Service, the  CPS. They have their own agenda, dictated to them by senior freemasonry, and they convict according to their agenda. The merits of the case do not count.

OCLAESP contacted the most corrupt Judge I have seen, Judge Jean-Luc Gadaud, who dreamed up 9 charges out of his own imagination for me, then copied them to Lyn, even copying my case number. Neither Lyn or I did anything with GcMAF in France, but that doesn’t worry lawyers or judges.

Gadaud declared a conspiracy between two tiny GcMAF companies in France, Duurzaam BV and Cytoinnovations, who had never heard of each other, which allowed him to use the terrorism provisions of the European Arrest Warrant, EAW, and went to arrest Lyn and myself with 13 police, 4 with machine guns. But we were rarely in France, and weren’t there. He got the innocent David Halsall, and put him in prison without charges; he emerged 5 months later half dead. 

Three corrupt English judges, Rebecca Crane, Sir Michael Supperstone in the High Court on the Strand,  and Michael Snow, in the Supreme court, all said Lyn should be extradited to France, even though they knew she was innocent of all charges in both Britain and France.

Our courts in France, the US and UK are all invalid Admiralty courts. The valid common law court of the people, with a jury of 12, has already convicted three of the judges, Supperstone, Nicholas Loraine-Smith and Gadaud, of Abuse of Power and Malfeasance in public office. Unfortunately the state does not listen.

Lynda’s now spent over two months in French prisons, the worst prisons in Europe; conditions are so appalling 1,000 attempt suicide every year. Please write to her:

Thyer Lynda  452710  3R08
MAF de Fleury Merogis Prison
9 Ave des Peupliers
91705 Saint Genevieve de Bois

The CPS and the courts used to side with the man on the street against big corporations and governments. Not any more. According to Benito Mussolini, a dictatorship is when the courts and the state combine with big corporations against the people. 

The UK is already the worst of western dictatorships.

The website for GcMAF is; it has 300 scientists, 350 doctors and clinics 150 scientific research papers and half made it on to the American National Library of Medicine and 9,000 patient successes behind it. GcMAF has over 100 videos and 400,000 followers on youtube. We will get there.

If you live in the USA you can go on, click Campaigns, and then GcMAF Cures Cancer, click Take Action at the bottom, key in your zip code and address, and the site will send and automated letter (which you can edit) to your Senators and Congressmen.

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