GcMAF - The concealed cancer cure

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

GcMAF - the

concealed cancer cure

GcMAF is the cancer cure the world has been waiting for, and it has been suppressed for 26 years. GcMAF is a human protein, and a human right, that all healthy people make. It has no side effects.

| By Julian Williams

It stops us getting cancer and more than 50 other diseases. But if you get weak, from stress or pneumonia for example, cancer or a disease may be able to stop its production. Then the cancer or disease becomes chronic.

But if you administer GcMAF externally, the 20 attacks on cancer and disease restart.

Around 300 scientists from 8 nations have written 150 research papers on it. 78 of them are republished on the US National Library of Medicine, or Pubmed.

"Vitamin D Binding Protein-Macrophage Activating Factor Inhibits HCC in SCID Mice" is written by Japan's top five cancer research institutes, including the prestigious Atomic Bomb Institute of Nagasaki University. On page 4, they show a picture of tumours shrunk 90% in mice in just 3 weeks, by GcMAF.

Biotech Ltd, a highly scientific British Company, has treated 11,500 people. Some in its clinics, many at home, some through other doctors and clinics.

Their results are easily the best ever seen in cancer. 60% are saved at home, which can be anything from stopping the cancer advancing, to patients becoming as cancer free as the rest of us.

And in their clinics they get the best result with the worst of cancers: they take a terminal stage four pancreatic cancer patient with two weeks to live, and in three months they have no symptoms of the disease, and go back to work. Or more usually to the golf course, because most of Immuno Biotech's patients are over 70 years old.  GcMAF is inexpensive, but Immuno Biotech usually treat the hard up without charge.

Immuno Biotech has written 33 scientific research papers, also peer reviewed and published in the world's top scientific journals. You can see them at www.gcmaf.se, and click "The science"

How have Immuno Biotech's staff been rewarded? Four of them, including their CEO David Noakes,  have been arrested by the MHRA, their laboratory and clinics have been closed down (see www.corruptSwitzerland.se), all their bank accounts have been closed, their working capital seized.

The MHRA, or Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency, have big pharmaceutical company directors on their board.  Their job is to protect the British; what they actually do is protect the profits of the big pharmaceutical corporations, at the expense of huge numbers of British lives every year. See www.mhracorrupt.st.

Yes, the MHRA is a criminal organisation. Ten public bodies have written reports stating they are corrupt; still Jeremy Hunt MP, the Minister for Health, and the government, allow it to happen.

The medical industry is far more corrupt than you ever imagined.

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