France elect yet another Globalist

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

Emmanuel Macron: France votes for

a Bilderberger

Macron is a banking elite carefully crafted by Rothschild banking elites. He's a failed economics minister from Holland's failed socialist government, and completely dedicated to socialism, the EU and the Euro. His loyalty is to Germany, and the EU,  not France. He is a Marechael Petain, a Vichy president.

By Julian Williams

Macron represents the continuation of the appalling French economic disaster, where, outside Paris, 30% of business are closed by the Euro; but this is mainly a bid by the elites to have a man purpose built by them controlling France.

The media, also elite controlled, was eulogising about him in the election campaign, and carefully sabotaging the words "Le Pen" by putting the destructive phrase "Far Right" before her name at every opportunity. She's as far right as Teresa May, David Davis or Nigel Farage; she believes in family, her country and what's best for them, and her plan to free France from the disastrous Euro is the right choice.

The press paints Macron, this manufactured candidate, as an outsider. The French voters fell for it hook, line and sinker.

On winning the election, he didn't mount the stage to the Marseillaise, but to Ode To Joy, the EU national anthem. You know who he's loyal to, and it isn't France or the French people. He has said he will make Brexit as painful as possible for the British.

He doesn't have an established political party, but the elites behind him have all the power he, or rather they, need.

From an atheist family in Amiens, he chose to be baptised as a Roman Catholic at the age of 12. You don't get anywhere in the EU unless you are a Roman Catholic - that's why Tony Blair changed his religion - so Macron probably knew where he was going in life before that age.

Soon after "discovering Jesus," at 15 he seduced his 40 year old high school teacher Brigitte Trogneux, who was married with three children, and broke up her family. She got divorced, 10 years later they married in 2007; she is 64 as he ascends to the Presidency, while he is 39.

He went to an elite political finishing school - The ENA - National School of Administration in Strasbourg, the capital of the EU dictatorship; he speaks perfect English. Francois Hollande and Jacques Chirac also went there.

As an Inspecteur des Finances — an elite corps of the very highest-ranking graduates from ENA, he had superb contacts.

In 2008 François Henrot, a longtime Rothschild partner and ENA old boy, got him in to Rothschilds Merchant Bank. He didn't seem to interested in learning about banking, did not impress his peers, and was given the job of playing with spreadsheets; but he networked hard. Then, almost immediately, he was suddenly made a partner, with access to serious wealth.  Some powerful forces were pulling huge strings for Macron.

Strangely, he was groomed not just by Rothschild but by a consortium of banks for some years, including BNP Paribas

While purporting to represent the staff during the sale of Le Monde newspaper, they were concerned he was actually representing a bidder, Mr Minc, who also helped him into Rothschilds. An undeclared conflict of interest, or a very dirty deal.

Not only was he groomed by Rothschild bankers, he is also a Bilderberger. A Bilderberg meeting attendee in 2014. He is the ultimate elite insider, and already a member of the secretive body that rules the world.

The largest Russian newspaper, Pravda, describes Macron as a "Gay psychopath who hates France." We've not found evidence he is gay, but his Christianity must be fake, as he broke up a family and broke one of the Ten Commandments in the process. The Bilderbergs are the largest gathering of psychopaths, so it is probable he is one of those. His loyalty to the EU is far greater than any to France, so we can say that Pravda is at least half right.

Pravda also says the French do not deserve democracy. After voting for Macron, they certainly don't.

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