Fishing and Brexit

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

Fishing and Brexit

Few remember that when Prime Minister Edward Heath signed away our country, the EU demanded he wipe out our fishing industry.

It takes a special kind of man to abolish not just your fishing industry, but your entire nation, and the investigating officer, Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale,  states he is 120% certain Heath was a paedophile.

250,000 fishermen and fishwives lost their jobs throughout the East coast of Scotland and England. Thousands of fishing vessels, many new, in steel, some over 200ft  long,  were left to rot in our harbours. England permanently lost billions in annual revenue. The EU did the same damage to Ireland.

Before 1973, when we joined the EU, we, Ireland, Norway and Iceland managed our fish stocks well.

Under the EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) all EU fishermen were allowed into our waters - and a number who weren’t from the EU - the Russians were sucking fish out of our seas on a massive, industrial scale with huge ships in a deal with the EU. The Spanish did the most damage; their fishing fleet was huge.

The EU fished out our waters and trashed the environment at sea - fish stocks collapsed, and with the EU in charge, they’ve never returned.

You see anglers standing on rocks around the English coast, completely unaware the reason they are catching almost nothing is all down to the EU.

The EU controls fisherman with a savage destruction. If you can’t go fishing one year, or your boat needs repairs, or you can’t finance it,  the British Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and food - MAFF, now the Marine and Fisheries Agency, MFA in DEFRA, withdraws your quota. That stops many fishing for life.

Yes, the EU has quotas - if you catch something not in your quota, you have to throw it back  - dead.  If you disobey,  MFA takes your boat, and the fine may mean they take your house as well.

The McBride Brothers in Northern Ireland had their boat confiscated and a £385,000 fine imposed for a small quantity of cod landed. They managed to remortgage their house and raised £120,000. But the MFA had contacted the Serious Organised Crime Agency, SOCA, who decided that all their possessions were proceeds of crime under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2003, they had no right to mortgage their house to pay the fine as it was a frozen asset, and they were sentenced to 3 months in Walton Prison, Liverpool.

Three Thames fisherman were fined £317,000 for landing a few pounds worth of sole - the sole quota has been given to other nations.  Six Newlyn boats were fined £188,000 in the same way.

Under the quotas hundreds of thousands of tons of good fish are thrown back dead every year, about 50% of the annual catch in this EU folly, which hasn’t changed in decades. Its another method of destroying our fish stocks - the EU is fishermen’s public enemy No 1..

Any fisherman knows that the way you protect stocks is with big mesh sizes. The little fish escape through them, to grow bigger to be caught next year.

Brexit is a fabulous opportunity to get our fishing industry back; you would expect fishermen to be delighted. But they know that the people in MFA are the people who have been representing us disastrously in Brussels. The MFA have caught the same EU bureaucrats’ mentality, and its Proceeds of Crime Act fascism.


And Theresa May’s government is keeping every one of the EU’s 120,000 destructive regulations and the over 3,000 new laws. The damage done by the EU is not being repealed in any area of government.

So fishermen have no confidence in MFA or the government. The quota system should be abolished the second Britain gets out of the EU. But Fishermen are resigned to it staying, and the disaster continues.

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