Election Mistakes

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act



At last the Conservative party has stopped breaking the written British Constitution, and is in the process of ceasing its treason with the European Union. At last, after 45 years, the Conservative Party is being Conservative again. That alone will bring back traditional voters.

  Nigel Farage of UKIP is still not a Lord; he has still not been given his well deserved peerage for getting us out of the EU.

  It was devastating for UKIP when the brilliant Diane James resigned from the leadership. Did she not realise the party has always been sabotaged from within with freemasonry regional organisers like Malcolm Wood, and a plethora of fifth columnists from Common Purpose? Farage had to put up with that, and hideous undeserved insults from opponents, for two decades.

Paul Nuttall

  Her plodding replacement, Paul Nuttall, opened the election by banging on about the EU, totally failing to understand Theresa May had taken that over far more effectively than he ever could.

  He has missed the obvious, that as easily Britain's 3rd largest party, his campaign slogan should be to replace the chronically weakened Labour party as the official opposition to the Conservatives.

  And what a disappointment Jeremy Corbyn was. As an outsider, not part of the global elites, catapulted to the top, he had not a single idea what to do when he got there. What a waste.

  Here are some policies he, and all of them, could espouse.


  Firstly, he could have brought in real democracy, ie referendums on all major issues as happens in Switzerland, so the people govern, not the politicians.

  Secondly, Theresa May is not tackling the massive waste in Government. From the £220 billion spent on pointless EU mandated quangos, to the over £100 billion spent on EU regulations annually. And half of the remaining government spend is waste.

  Instead she taxes white van man and anything else that moves. In her budget, which looks bad to most people, she has allowed herself to increase all the important taxes, appears to be taking money away from pensioners.  £800 billion of Britain's GDP of 2,000 billion is tax. The government takes 40% of everything we touch. She could be seriously cutting taxes if she cut out waste.

  They say reducing immigration would be difficult. All immigration is the fault of government. They can instruct the DWP not to issue 800,000 National Insurance numbers to foreigners every year, and instruct the Border Force not to admit immigrants who want to stay in the country. Every other nation can do it, only the British Civil Service fails.

120,000 regulations

  Horror of horror, she is not getting rid of the 75% of laws that are the EU's on our statute books. Neither is she getting rid of the EU's 120,000 regulations, which make us lose £70 billion a year trading with the EU.  These two are like millstones around our necks.

  Then she's wasting effort getting a trade and exit deal with the EU. Why bother? The Euro is about to collapse, its wrecked six nations inside it, trade with the EU is just 4.4 per cent of our economy, and we can raise that elsewhere. Yes, we export £150 billion to the EU, but we lose £70 billion a year doing it. Why not make a profit elsewhere?

  Just being freed from the strait jacket of the Single Market will give us 4.4% from the rest of the world

  Trade deals are not a big deal. 80% of the world trades with each other without trade deals.

  All of this is an opportunity for Corbyn to attack, but he doesn't even know its happening.

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