Dr Wakefield, Vaxxed

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

Dr Wakefield, Vaxxed: The Times Newspaper commits fraud

On its front page The Times headline was “Disgraced MMR fraud doctor back in UK”.

  Dr Andrew Wakefield published a scientific research paper in 1998 in the Lancet Medical Journal in which he stated that the MMR vaccine may cause autism.   

By our Health Correspondent

The Westminster News knows for a fact that hundreds of thousands of children around the world have got autism from the MMR jab, a devastating disease that ruins the lives of both the children, and the parents.

  However, it makes $29 Billion a year for the big pharmaceutical companies, so doctors will still be coerced into using it. And now one in 50 children, accelerating every year, has autism as a result.

  Big Pharma, with their $3 billion lobby, have their men of the boards of most western government health departments, including NICE and the MHRA in the UK. So the GMC simply struck Dr Wakefield off as a doctor; he’s a threat to that $29 billion a year.

  The film Vaxxed, which the Times, with typically appalling journalism, was too bone idle to report on, was financed by the actor Robert de Niro, who’s son got autism from the MMR jab. Andrew Wakefield directed the film, and appeared occasionally in it.

  The film is absolute proof the MMR jab causes autism, from an an astonishingly wide number of sources. It details the toxic content of the injection, which also contains the poison mercury. It shows how the younger the child is, the greater the chances of contacting autism.

  Perhaps the most astonishing part is the dishonesty of the CDC, the USA’s Centres for Disease Control, who continually state the MMR does not cause autism, and wrote a scientific research paper to say so. However the author of that paper, Dr. William Thompson, became a whistleblower  and admitted the report was fraudulent, with data deliberately omitted, and some deliberately destroyed. His life is in danger - there’s $29 billion at stake.

  Sixty one doctors have been murdered by the FDA (the USA’s Food and Drug Administration) and big pharma, who are one and the same. These doctors, starting with Dr Jeffrey Bradstreet, who was murdered by a bullet in his chest, knew autism vaccines contain poisons, avoided them, and were also a threat to publish the truth that Dr Thomson has published.

  Interviews in the film included Big Pharma insiders, doctors, politicians, and devastated parents, and video of testimony given by Dr Wakefield and others inside Capitol Hill to Senators and the House of Representatives.

  The best treatment for autism is GcMAF, a human protein and human right with no side effects. USA production was shut down by the FDA, and UK production by the MHRA. Yes, both those organisations have big pharma on their board. 60% of children were being cured before the GcMAF clinics were shut down.

  We know investigative journalism is dead - so is The Times part of big pharma’s lobby, or are their journalists and Editor hopelessly sloppy and incompetent? Either way, they owe Dr Wakefiled a full retraction, damages and an apology.

  So powerful is big pharma’s lobby they had  managed to shut down two cinema venus so Vaxxed could not be shown. The one we attended was very clandestine - we were told to be in central London at a certain time.  Then a text arrived telling us to go to Baker Street Tube.

  The next text told us to go Regent’s Park University, where there was tea and coffee waiting, and a number of people we knew on the honesty side of the spectrum. The surprise for us was at last we met a persecuted hero - Dr Andrew Wakefield himself.

  Try to see it at http://vaxxedthemovie.com, but you may find big pharma has blocked the website.

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