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WITH the EU referendum just a couple of months away, DLD College London students welcomed guest speaker, David Buik MBE to give a lecture on “Brexit”.

The inaugural visit launched the new lecture series programme which will see influential individuals visit the Westminster Bridge-based college to educate staff, students and the general public in a variety of subjects.

David, who is a respected market commentator with the city firm of Panmure Gordon, holds clear and passionate beliefs regarding opportunities for British business outside the framework of the EU.

In addition to the DLD cohort, parents, guardians, surrounding business professionals and other academic institutions turned out to hear David’s view.

He gave an in depth presentation about the substantive issues surrounding Britain leaving the EU and answered all questions put to him in a fair and clear manner.

The lecture itself highlighted some myths regarding the negative trade impact of Brexit while, at the same time, rejecting the arguments often cited in the mass media such as uncontrollable immigration. He opined that sovereignty was an undervalued asset and that the arguments for remaining in the EU reflected political interests and those of big business.

To his great credit, Mr Buik also concisely summarised and acknowledged the validity of some pro-EU arguments including the additional influence that membership gives to the UK in tackling issues such as global warming.

The DLD Economics students were also given the opportunity to spend half hour with David to gain further insight when they welcomed him on arrival. The evening culminated in a vote of thanks that was delivered by current AS students Sam Ranabhat and Jasmine Elkhadraoui and Mr Buik was presented with an engraved silver salver.

Principal at DLD, Rachel Borland commented: “The event was an illustration not only of the genuine interest among DLD College students in this particular issue but their willingness to explore current affairs in general. Opinions were voiced by several participants both verbally and in the form of a vote which demonstrated a dichotomy of views on this complex issue.

“The audience demonstrated an acute knowledge of the political, sociological and economic arguments on both sides of the debate. They posed their questions courteously and they were answered in depth.”

This public lecture was the first in a series planned by DLD’s faculty heads and more exciting talks across the curriculum, including Science and Creative Arts have been planned for the coming months.

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