Damning Report Into Fracking

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

The Grim Reaper And Dame Vivienne Westwood To Visit London Home of Archbishop Of Canterbury To Deliver Damning Report Into Fracking

LONDON – 22nd May 2017 –

The Grim Reaper and Dame Vivienne Westwood will be visiting the London home of the Archbishop of Canterbury to deliver a damning report into Fracking, ‘Whitehall’s Fracking Science Failure’, at 11:00am Wed 24th May 2017, Lambeth Palace, SE1


The Conservatives and The Church of England for some time have been ‘singing off the same hymn sheet’ citing the Tory commissioned Mackay Stone report as their reason to Frack England, according to Dame Vivienne Westwood.


Now that the Mackay Stone report has been exposed as a dodgy dossier and ‘not worth the paper its written on’, England must follow Scotland and Wales with an immediate Moratorium on Fracking, according to Westwood. “Given this evidence, any other position would be highly irresponsible”.


According to ‘Whitehall’s Fracking Science Failure’ report (published by The Ecologist (www.theecologist.org) on Wed 22nd May 2017):


* Fracking is not a bridge to a cleaner energy future as the Tories and The Church of England have had people believe.


* Fracking is not better than coal - infact on the basis of recent research, fracking could be as bad, or worse than coal.


* Fracking is worse than imported LNG.


* Fracking will completely blow out our climate change targets under the COP21 agreement and set the U.K. on a backward course.


* Fracking’s environmental impact is 300-400 times higher than reported in Mackay Stone.


* The figure for leakage calculation was only half what it should have been in the Mackay Stone report.


* The figure for gas production was twice what it should have been in the Mackay Stone report.


* Inappropriate 100 Year modelling was used rather than 20 year modelling (in 20 year modelling, methane is 100 times worse than CO2 in the atmosphere and only dissipates to being 20 times worse over 100 years).


“The Tories fracking manifesto sham has been totally left in tatters by having its inner workings exposed as Fake science,” says Joe Corré, Head of Talk Fracking.


Dame Vivienne Westwood wrote to The Archbishop of Canterbury on 18th May 2017 expressing her concerns about the Tory-Church of England ‘love-in’ over Fracking.


She said: “This report [Mackay Stone] has been relied upon not only by the church and your working group in deciding the churches position on Fracking or other forms of extreme energy extraction, but also by many other bodies and politicians to support the case for the shale gas industry. The Mackay Stone report must now be considered wrong and fatally flawed. Furthermore, the evidence now suggests that shale gas and oil extraction could be considerably worse than coal in terms of its effect on climate change and global warming”.


Critics have argued that the Church of England has taken a shift rightwards with its recent pre-election, three-page letter signed by The Archbishop of Canterbury and John Sentamu, the archbishop of York, calling for “stability” – a Tory rallying cry in the election campaign –when considering how to vote. Theresa May’s campaign mantra is “strong and stable”.


Labour and the Lib-Dems have both said they would ban fracking in its Election manifesto. The Conservatives have now been the isolated as the only party in favour of this dirty industry and are pushing it through using ‘Fake science’.


But the new peer-reviewed report, ‘Whitehall’s Fracking Science Failure’, blows the coffin-lid off the Tory’s dossier of lies and spin.


“The Church of England has a moral duty to ‘Protect its Flock’,” according to Corré, “But they are failing to do so”.


Corré cites the Tory election manifesto whereby decision making powers on Fracking are set to be taken away from the Church of England’s 15,000 parishes.


“Decision making on big fracks will be centralised to the Shale Environmental Regulator. The Tories are then going to be classifying everything else as ‘Mini-Fracks’ if they use less than “10,000 cubic metres” of toxic fracking fluid - the equivalent to four Olympic size swimming pools or 400 fuel tanker lorries. These will be considered permissible development and fall under the radar”.


The Church of England’s Mission and Public Affairs Council and the Environment Working Group chaired by the Bishop of Salisbury stunned Christians nationwide in January 2017 when it said that fracking was “morally acceptable” because it replaced ‘dirtier energy’, meaning coal. This is now proven to be a false claim and the Church must now support a Moratorium to investigate.


Like the many MPs who have been misled by the Mackay Stone report since September 2013, the Church also quoted Mackay Stone in its ‘Briefing Paper on Shale Gas and Fracking’. “But now all the findings of Mackay Stone have been proven to be a sham, the Church must urgently change its position and let it be known before the Election” says Corré.


The Church owns 100,000 acres of farmland and has already allowed energy company Aurora to carry out seismic surveys to assess shale gas potential on land near Ormskirk, Lancashire.


“The Archbishop must not allow the Church of England to be suckered into the Tories grizzly agenda to Frack our Green and Pleasant Land, which is about to be turned into a toxic pin cushion”.


“The Archbishop of Canterbury spent 10 years working in the oil industry before turning to God.  He, above anyone, must be able to see through the fake science used in the Mackay Stone report” he says.


“A Moratorium on Fracking in England must be called for until the science – or lack of it – in the Mackay Stone report has been investigated”.


According to a recent YouGov survey for the University of Nottingham, only 37% of the British public support fracking – a significant drop from 58% support in July 2013. “This figure for support is surely going to drop even further in light of this new evidence” says Corré.

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