Conservatives pass snoopers charter

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

Conservatives pass

Communist Snoopers Charter

The Snoopers Charter means ignorant government departments, stuffed full of political correctness, incompetence, political motives, vested interests and poor judgement, can now arrest you by misjudging what you mean when you communicate. And they will know everything about your communications.  Now they don’t even need to go to court or get a warrant.

Already over 211,000 people have signed a petition to repeal it, at The government now has to debate it, but decided not to - ie, to ignore the petition.


Before he became Secretary of State for Brexit, and while still a Backbencher,  MP David Davis, and Tom Watson MP, Labour’s deputy leader,  won a case against it in the High Court. The government appealed, and judges referred the appeal to the ECJ. The European Court of Justice also ruled, on the 21st December, the Snooper’s Charter was illegal. That hasn’t stopped Theresa May.

The snoopers charter started out as EU legislation, enthusiastically adopted by the Labour party ten  years ago, but dropped by all other EU nations.  It was taken up by the Conservatives under Theresa May as Home Secretary. Now finally, as Prime Minister, she’s forced it through. She must hate us.

The Banking Compliance System allows the government to order banks to close all your accounts and keep the money, no judge, no jury and no justice. The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, allows government to go to court behind your back and steal everything you once had without you knowing.

No appeal

Every year thousands of innocent English lose everything they have under these two provisions. There is no appeal - victims are prevented from going to court, as their money is deemed to be tainted - proceeds of crime - so they are not allowed to pay a solicitor.

European nations don’t have this level of government dishonesty. Its only England. And the only way to escape it is to move abroad.

Put the Snooper’s Charter together with these two, and it allows unprecedented secret attacks on innocent people by government, And we are prevented, by law, from establishing our innocence.

Terrorism is the excuse here too. But why do we have terrorism? There are two reasons.


The US and British governments fermented a revolution in Egypt, bombed and invaded Libya, Iraq where we created ISIS, and Syria. In each case they overthrew stable governments, created terrorism, caused 3 million deaths, and left four nations in a permanent state of anarchy and carnage. A million Iraqi children have been born horrifically maimed and mutilated by radiation from our depleted uranium shells. Yes, our British government creates terrorism.

Tony Blair, George Bush, Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama must stand war crimes prosecutions.

President Putin is having to destroy the murderous ISIS for us, and clear up the mess we created. Our corrupt government should thank him for that, but won’t.

Foreign population

The second reason is that the Department of Work and Pensions and the British Border Force allow a million immigrants in a year. 22 of Britain’s largest cities now have majority foreign populations. Even Londonistan is only 40% British.

The government conceals the fact we have 30 million foreigners here. The NHS, the roads, our schools and infrastructure just can’t cope. The ONS states in 8 more years the English will be a minority. No other EU nation has been so ethnically cleansed. The Department of Work and Pensions hands out 800,000 National Insurance numbers a year to arriving immigrants. Why has the government not stopped the DHSS? As Home Secretary, Theresa May was in charge, and still is.

But they are not EU immigrants. They come from all the nations we bombed, and many more, from Libya to India. Our government has deliberately imported the terrorism they created to England, and Theresa is committing treason.


The Snoopers Charter, Compliance, The Proceeds of Crime Act, and deliberate immigration to destroy the English, and bring in the terrorists our government created.

Just whose side is our government on? Certainly not ours. They must despise the English.

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