British Justice

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

British Injustice

According to the Gosport Independent Panel, between 456 and 650 patients at Gosport Hospital near Portsmouth, UK were deliberately murdered by the NHS with opioids.  Dr. Jane Barton was in charge of prescribing the medicine, and those senior and junior to her acquiesced.

There have been more than a dozen investigations initiated by the families since 1989: An independent review, a march to Downing Street, the CHI report, Commission for Health Improvement, Professor Baker Report, 4 police investigations, 3 reviews by the CPS, the Crown Prosecution Service, the GMC, General Medical Council, PHSO, Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, NMC, Nursing and Midwifery Council, CHRE, Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence, 11 inquests, appeals to the NHS,  and an Independent Panel. All are unaccountable bodies, and none resulted in prosecutions. They all failed.

Finally it was 2018, 29 years before the 4 year long, £16 million Gosport Independent Panel chaired by the former Bishop of Liverpool, James Jones reported the truth, and hit the front pages of all the newspapers; Jeremy Hunt, the Minister for Health, apologised. Even now, prosecutions have yet to start; and with the government’s inability to get things right, there may be no convictions.

Nurses first reported the deaths “an institutionalised practice of shortening lives" as whistleblowers in 1991;  some were ostracised, all were ignored, as were all the relatives.

The families have fought frustratingly, tenaciously and hopelessly against completely unaccountable authorities who have no interest in justice. And this is faced by all British people looking for justice in what has become an unjust nation: again and again, large numbers of the bereaved are left disempowered and ignored: Gosport is expected to be the tip of the iceberg.

The most corrupt of the above agencies is the PHSO ( where complainants are “left feeling helpless and stupid, bullied and their integrity questioned. Failing government service providers are protected by evasive and dishonest responses.” Half of the nation’s taxes are wasted; so why does the government support corrupt bodies like PHSO?  See also:

Bishop James Jones published another report in 2017, into the 1989 Hillsborough football disaster, entitled “The Patronising Disposition of Unaccountable Power,” where thousands of people were herded by the police into locked enclosures, and 90 were crushed to death. Once again the families of the deceased were denied justice, this time for 28 years. After the report senior police officers resigned, and were quickly re-employed by other police forces. No one accepted blame, there were no prosecutions.

The Healthcare Commission released a report in 2009 into the Mid Staffordshire NHS scandal, in which 400 to 1200 patients died because of substandard care. Several executives were suspended on full pay and were re-employed, as usual, by other quangos. In England, there is no justice, and no accountability, no responsibility for those in government, who, under EU rules, are above the law.

The European Union is the cause. EU corpus juris illegally and quietly replaced common law between 1992-6; the British Constitution was also dropped. 120,000 EU regulations have been foisted on Britain in the 45 years we have been inside; and 3,000 EU laws, like the Proceeds of Crime Act 2003, the money laundering regulations and the banking compliance laws went on to our statute books.

Thousands of corrupt people have moved up into positions of power since we have been in the EU, and they are the ones who have allowed corruption to permeate our institutions. Those who voted Remain in the Referendum have no idea what they voted for: The EU is a three tier politburo dictatorship on the Soviet model, with a sham parliament in Brussels.

The EU’s laws allow government bureaucrats to seize your assets and close your bank accounts without the intervention of the courts. This is the EU, where you are guilty automatically, with only a mediocre chance of proving your innocence, years later, in the courts. No bank account is safe.

In our case we were alerted, via the NHF President Scott Tips in 2009, that GcMAF was the cure for cancer the world has been waiting for. We read the research papers (180 now, by about 300 scientists) which solidly confirm this.

There was no way we could get a license to make this in England, because the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA,) like the FDA, has big pharma directors on the board, and routinely closes down inexpensive treatments that work, and licenses expensive pharmaceutical drugs that kill; see

With the corruption in the MHRA, there really is no way to communicate a cure for cancer to the government.

So we went into production and treated 11,500, saving hundreds from terminal stage 4 cancer and thousands from other diseases. We've now had 33 persecutions over 4 years by the MHRA, who have recruited the police, the CPS, and their opposite numbers in Switzerland, France, Holland, and Cyprus to cover up GcMAF and to imprison us, put us on bail, close our bank accounts, take our passports and carry out 14 raids with over 100 police officers - all without justice from a court.

The MHRA committed fraudulent misrepresentation on their website about our sterility, committed perjury to the Canterbury Crown Court to keep our bank accounts closed, and used the BBC to dishonestly edit 5 hours of recording to denigrate ourselves and GcMAF.

So the MHRA will continue to be above the law, and will continue to kill of the order of 200,000 British people a year. The full weight of government can be brought against innocent members of the public like us, but not against corrupt agencies like the MHRA and PHSO, which remain above the law.

GcMAF could have used Lord Saatchi's Medical Innovation Act to be legal; but big pharma, which sits on Department of Health boards, has sabotaged the Act, which has never been used.

President Trump’s aim to drain the swamp of corruption could not have started with a better place than the FDA, which has big pharma board members, and probably kills 800,000 Americans annually. It uses the same tactics as the MHRA, - licensing pharmaceutical drugs that kill, and banning inexpensive remedies. So Trumps “Right to Try” pharmaceutical legislation in the USA would have allowed those remedies, including GcMAF. But he's foolishly made it wholly dependent on FDA licensing.  Does he not realise the FDA is the problem? Trump has made “Right to Try” quite useless. See: and click "Get Big Pharma out of the FDA."

In both the USA and UK, the government really is public enemy number one.

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