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Brexit:  EU disasters retained

Brexit must reverse all the damage done by the EU; that’s obvious. But with the EU Withdrawal Bill, Theresa May and Labour aren’t planning to reverse any of it. This is what they should be doing:

By David Noakes

Britain was an independent nation for 3,500 years; we must get back to being one again. “No Deal” is the way to achieve that, by saving £10 billion a year in EU tariffs on the rest of the world by dropping out of the EU’s single market and customs union,  Its costs us an additional £70 billion a year just to trade with the EU, so the sooner we leave the better.

The EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) puts up our food prices by 17% according to the Institute of Economic Affairs, and they recommend leaving it.

With “No Deal” we can have free trade with the rest of the world, the 93% that is outside the EU. All these negotiations will trap us into a damaging, continuing, costly relationship with the EU.

Repeal VAT:  VAT is an EU tax, the most complicated to administer in all history. It costs both government and business billions to collect. It raises £100 billion in a £2,000 billion economy. The inland Revenue raises £550 billion in taxes, but that isn’t all of them. If the government is too lazy to cut out some of its vast waste to pay for VAT, it can offset it against the £300 billion we save below.

Repeal the disastrous 120,000 EU regulations. When we went into the EU in 1973, in 3,500 years Britain had accumulated just 2,000 regulations. You see all those old in-town deserted petrol stations? They were killed by just one EU regulation.

Regulation EU 9767 has closed over 10,000 British post offices. EU Taxation on drinks, ie, no tax in the supermarkets and huge tax in the pubs, has closed tens of thousands of pubs, as Wetherspoons Chairman Tim Martin points out. These regulations cost £100 billion a year to implement, according to the Better Regulation Commission, and that doesn’t count the damage they do to industry.

Repeal the over 3,000 EU laws on our statute books.

These 120,000 regulations and 3,000 laws have put hundreds of thousands of British businesses out of business.

Its frightening that David Davis and Theresa May have done the opposite, and think passing the EU Withdrawal Bill with a majority of 36, keeping the EU’s 120,000 regulations and 3,000 laws is a success. Its taking the majority of EU disasters with us.

Scores of Tory MP’s over the last 43 years have said how damaging these regulations are. But meekly they all voted for them.

Jeremy Corbyn failed to see the point, as usual. Labour voted against because the bill; like most bills these days, it has been drafted to be an affront to democracy. They didn’t even notice the 120,000 regulations.

Abolish the 8,500 EU mandated quangos, which cost us £210 billion a year, according to the Cabinet office. There's £310 billion a year saved, and we haven't mentioned the £11 billion annual fee for being in the EU.

Restrict immigration to thirty thousand a year as Britain did in the 1950’s.  Australia, ten times our size, and a hundred other nations, still do today. Only the British Civil Service and government is incapable of keeping them out. The DWP deliberately encourages them to come here by being the only nation that gives even better benefits than the local British immediately on their arrival. And they have the advantage that Britain is an Island. The government still has their own, anti British agenda.

Theresa May is as big a disappointment as Tony Blair and David Cameron. She also still issues 800,000 social security numbers to immigrants to Britain every year. Perhaps that is why she did so badly in the election; immigration was why many voted for Brexit.

As an independent nation we must break the stranglehold big pharmaceutical corporations have on our health. 200,000 British die unnecessarily each year because big pharma control government health departments from Health Minister Jeremy Hunt MP downwards, and their own regulators like the MHRA and NICE. They license expensive drugs that kill, and deny the public inexpensive treatments that work. See

We must abolish the prescription system, which denies thousands the treatment they need. and rely on pharmacists inside chemists to do the work. Involving a doctor is a destructive duplication. Spain and Portugal are amongst the nations that don’t have a prescription system.

We should close the pro-EU and anti British BBC, which is too corrupt to be reformed. It wastes £7 billion a year of our license fee, fosters paedophilia, and damages us. See

We need to pass an Act of Parliament prohibiting one person, one organisation or corporation from owning more than 10% of any large media company, or group.

The money laundering regulations and the Proceeds of Crime Act 2003 are a disgrace and override our human rights.  The banking compliance system should be made illegal. Each year agencies close thousands of innocent people's bank accounts, with no evidence, no judge, no jury, no justice. They never get their money back. And repeal the Restraint Order system of 2003 - where the government steals everything a person has, again with with no evidence, no judge, no jury, no justice.

A bill needs to be passed making it illegal for a bank to deny a person a bank account.

While we are about it, we should pass a law banning people who are members of secrets societies from all public offices and employment. That will get rid of the Bilderbergers, and 8 cabinet ministers, the core of freemasonry, and Common Purpose, who are in favour of the EU and do so much damage in other ways to us.

Abolish the EU Arrest Warrant, EAW. You can be hauled out of your British house at 3 am by British police and handed over to a prison cell in any EU nation, as is happening to me. It doesn’t matter that the intent of the the French, in my case, is utterly corrupt. There are 8 grounds for appeal, but the fact you are innocent is not one of them.

The French have 17,000 pre trial prisoners who they refuse to give bail to. In England they are innocent until proven guilty. In France they are guilty and incarcerated until proven innocent. The French prison system is so awful 25% of them attempt suicide every year.  Hundreds of English are carted off to rot in European jails every year under the EAW.

We need to abolish the EU’s corpus juris, which puts government above the law; 1,500 British have died in police custody since it came into force in 1992, and the police cannot be prosecuted.

We need to make it illegal to put artificial intelligence into machines, or we will have an Arnold Schwarzeneggar Terminator future, as the scientist Stephen Hawking pointed out.

All this we can do as an independent nation.

The government took us in to the EU without the consent of the British people in 1972.  For 43 years we have been inside this costly, unelected, corrupt, bribing dictatorship, in breech of the British Constitution.

Declare that common law, and our written British Constitution remain the law of the land; they need to be amended to give them force, so politicians and the courts cannot ignore them again.

We should add the Swiss Referendum System to our Constitution, where all Bills Parliament passes should be voted on by the public once a year to decide if they should receive Royal Assent.

That will prevent Parliament ever overriding our wishes again. Its the reason Switzerland is prosperous, and isn't in the EU.

Just 10% of England’s economy is trade. You don’t need trade deals to trade with other nations. The EU is just 7% of the world. Its a 7% we can entirely do without.

The EU has organised it that Britain loses £70 billion a year trading with the EU, so we need to leave the Single Market and trade elsewhere.

But the Conservative and Labour parties seem to be determined for us to leave the EU with both hands tied behind our backs.

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