Big Pharma crushes competition with GMP

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

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USING their billion dollar lobby, in 1978 Big Pharmaceutical corporations got western governments to force GMP on us, to “make drugs safer,” but actually to block out competition. GMP, “Good Manufacturing Practice” is often dangerous.  Its can cost tens of millions to achieve GMP, so small firms with effective, inexpensive treatments have no chance.

|  By Kurnal De Noailles

Take companies that have created fabulous cures for diseases from cancer to coronary artery disease. These proteins are already in the bodies of billions humans, and some have been administered to over 10,000 people.

These proteins are usually molecules derived from a blood product; sometimes just a trillionth of a gram is used per dose.

A trillionth of a gram of a safe blood product is enough to get the British MHRA closing down companies that use proteins, with GMP as the excuse.

That’s a farce, because they are quite happy for doctors to inject kilograms of blood in blood transfusions.

The fact these proteins are usually fully tested, safe, have perfect track records, and perfect sterility, doesn’t stop the MHRA. 

But GMP is not all about safety: its also about preventing competition.

Medicinal products that cure diseases are controlled by regulatory bodies, like the MHRA, with big pharma directors on their boards. The big Pharma “Lobby” spend is minute by comparison with their $200 billion profits. Their men sit on the boards of every relevant government department.

They completely control health related MP’s like Dr Sarah Wollaston, who, it seems, has deliberately mislead the House of Commons on the subject of proteins. They control Jeremy Hunt, the Minister of Health, the Department of Health, and the NHS.  The GMC strikes off doctors who don’t obey their diktats.

Although the natural protein is in use in billions of healthy humans, and is far safer than pharmaceutical drugs, the MHRA or FDA won’t accept them. They want dangerous products like their own drugs.

They will accept a protein grown in E.coli bacteria. It can be extracted from the bacteria by being connected to a His-Tag. When injected with a HIStag it has unknown effects on humans, so a small company has to pay an external company to go through the very complicated process of removing the His-Tag.

Another method they accept is a complete synthetic fabrication of part of the protein, called a poly peptide, by bonding together the correct amino acids in sequence. As the peptide is only part of the protein, you don’t know which of the actions of the complete protein in the body you have lost.  But this new, artificial peptide is not a human protein, its a foreign body, and may have dangerous properties never anticipated. 

So GMP forces artificial, potentially more dangerous proteins, and peptides on us. We now have to start with animal tests, to avoid killing humans. Then we have to do very extensive human clinical trial testing, the cost of which can be millions.

Then it’ll take tens of millions to get it approved, and to create the massive GMP paperwork they require.

At some stage the small company will have to persuade a big pharmaceutical to take over, because there is no way they can afford it themselves.

The big pharmaceutical will then either make the profits, or more likely, not make it available to the public, as there are far more profitable drugs, that don’t work as well, or do nothing. And the last thing a pharmaceutical wants to do is to reduce future profits by curing people.

These are the pointless, destructive, massively expensive and dangerous steps government forces small companies to go through, by using GMP to protect Big Pharma’s monopolies.

That’s why cures can take decades to reach the public, or, more often, never see the light of day. By denying the public quick access to effective, safe treatments, GMP has killed millions of people since 1978.

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Big Pharma crushes

competition with GMP

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