Government kills 22 at Manchester

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

British politicians murder 22 in Manchester

British politicians and civil servants, who attract more immigrants here than any other nation, have killed 22 at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester Arena.

We've watched the scores of millions of immigrants arrive over the last 40 years, put to the top of the housing queues, overwhelming the NHS, schools and roads, and some given brand new cars by the DWP.  We knew some would never be on our side, and would terrorise us. The police reckon there are at least 6,000 such immigrant terrorists here. MI5 say there are 23,000.

This Manchester one, 23 year old Salman Abedi, of Libyan descent, at least had the minor decency to blow himself up with his own suicide bomb. Khalid Masood was shot at Westminster after killing five.  But thanks to our politicians, we can expect deaths like this to become more and more common.

We bombed Salman Abedi's Lybia and killed scores of thousands, turned it into a nation of guns bloodshed and anarchy, and caused the death of its leader, Gaddafi. Salman Abedi and his associates probably thought he had every right to kill us after what we did to Libya.

British newspapers always demonise a nation before we bomb it, but Gaddafi raided the literacy rate from 20 to 83%, built the best free healthcare system in the "3rd world", and paid everyone a salary whether they worked or not. He had a higher approval rating than most of our Prime Ministers. See

British newspapers are demonising President Putin, who has an 86% approval rating, so we know who our politicians want to go to war with next.

Manchester is not manslaughter, its murder, because if the public knew, then the politicians knew in advance their immigration policies would be killing us in this way. Just to make sure, they bombed countries from Libya to Iraq, and financed opponents in wars in Syria, Iran and Afghanistan, to make sure we became a target.

Even Jeremy Corbyn says its our deadly foreign policy that makes us a target, but refuses to make the connection with immigrant terrorists who do the killing in England. Labour loves them.

Politicians now spend millions educating immigrants not to be come radicalised. They know what they have created.

But their plan is 1. Invite them to live here. 2. Bomb their homelands. The perfect way to create terrorism at home.

Only British politicians and civil servants display such treason to their own people.

Nearly all other countries have civil servants competent enough to keep immigration at a reasonable level, usually at the tens of thousands.

The Labour Party put immigration at the million a year level. As home Secretary, Teresa May continued it.

When are our Westminster leaders going to stop being traitors and making Britain a bombing, terrorist nation?

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