5G - An extinction event

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

5G - An extinction event

Turning our streets into microwave ovens

The telephone corporations are rushing to spend billions installing 5th Generation WIFI technology on every building and lamp post in the Western Hemisphere.

  5G is at least 10 times more destructive to humans than 4G, itself a “probable carcinogen” according to WHO, the World Health Organisation.

  Many people in cancer treatment know 4G is often a killer, and have watched people die from it.

  5G works on tiny millimetre long waves which are very high frequencies; the electric current in your body is changing 5,000 times a second. It is microwaves; you are effectively in a microwave oven. 


Eight million trees axed 

  This is why is has such incredibly short travel distances, and they need lamp posts. It doesn’t go though objects, which is why they have already cut down 30,000 trees in the UK with 8 million planned. 

  It is used as a weapon. The government calls it the Active Denial System or ADS. They turn up the power, and it literally fries your skin. If the crowd doesn’t disperse, you can be killed by it.

  The telephone industry has point blank refused to carry out testing for safety. They know the results will be disastrous.

  Vodaphone recently installed a 5G tower or blast pod at Manchester Airport. Passengers complained of illness and the CEO of the airport had it switched off, when he heard no safety tests had been done.


  Initially he agreed to an interview by Ian R Crane (youtube.com) but cancelled it - he’d got orders from the telephone industry.

Skin cancer

  Ninety per cent of 5G radiation is absorbed by the skin; it causes skin diseases and skin cancer. But most of the independent testing has only been done on animals. It changes the properties, activity and growth of cells. it leads to resistance to antibiotics, and alters biologically active chemicals.

  Thermal effects affect the eye internally. It disturbs the eyes in chicken embryos; it stresses the hearts in rats and frogs, and changes the heart rate. It affects the immune system of mice.


  It is absorbed by rain and plants. Watch out for crops. The thousand space rockets needed for 5G will emit the largest amount of black carbon yet seen.

  Even the independent studies are misleading, because they do not pulse the waves. Although most of the above experiments are done on animals, we will soon have thousands of people showing the results in humans.

Birds killed

  The Dutch railway system was involved with a test in La Hague with one 5G tower; 297 birds fell out the trees dead.

  The City of Brussels, Belgium,  which houses both the 700 elected but powerless Members of the European Parliament and the powerful, unelected ministers and government, has banned 5G permanently.

  Dr Dietricht Klinghardt states nano aluminium, sprayed from aircraft (chemtrails), has put 94 times more aluminium in our bodies than any other metal. 

  Monsanto Roundup Glyphosate weedkiller, which gives us 30 diseases and two cancers, combines with aluminium to create six toxins that disable our 37 trillion mitochondria, giving us a number of diseases including autism, CFS and Lyme. 


Coupled with 5G, the Western nations may only support human life for another 8 years, unless we can stop it.  See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQ0hjejI420


Please write to your local newspaper and MP and tell them that 5G will kill us. 

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