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In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

Theresa May:


and control




Quantum Theory: You control your future READ

Election mistakes

At last the Conservative party has stopped breaking the written British Constitution, and is in the process of ceasing its treason with the European Union. At last, after 45 years, the Conservative Party is being Conservative again.



GcMAF and

Jason Bourne


The staff behind GcMAF, the cancer cure the world has been waiting for, are being chased by corrupt governments, just like Jason Bourne in his movies; only this is real life.



Have you been affected

by a psychopath?


From the beginning of time, one group of people has tried to become the elite and to control the rest. Democracy was invented to stop this. Who are these elites?




pass Communist

Snoopers Charter


Theresa May’s Investigatory Powers Act became law on the 29th November 2016. This is the most draconian attack on privacy and civil liberties seen anywhere in the world. All your internet activity and phone calls will now be recorded by government.


Their excuse, as always, is terrorism, but anti terrorism laws are used against innocent members of the British public, 99% of the time.



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Dr Wakefield, Vaxxed:

The Times Newspaper commits fraud


On its front page The Times headline was “Disgraced MMR fraud doctor back in UK”.



The Everyday Heroine

Photography award won by three extraordinary women


Three outstanding photographers are the winners of The Everyday Heroine photography award.

Carlos Saavedra(left) - 1st place

Julia Gunther

- 2nd place

Antonio Renuncio (right) - 3rd place



Paul Craig Roberts.


Hidden Greece:

The Road to



You have been to some of the wonderful Greek islands, sojourned the classical ruins of Athens perhaps, reclined on the endless sandy beaches of the mainland. But have you been to Andritsaina and its neighbour, Karitena?




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