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Government’s EU

leaflet is a fraud

HM Government has sent us all a wholly dishonest leaflet on the EU referendum for June 23. It is government propaganda of the worst sort that we are being made to pay for whether we are pro or anti EU.

Lets go through the fraud, one by one.

“We will keep our own border controls.” They have been a disaster for 40 years. They are the EU’s border “controls,” not ours. The EU’s policy is one of divide and conquer, and on its orders our Conservative and Labour parties have swamped Britain with millions of immigrants.

The English are in a minority in 22 of our biggest cities. Leicester is 75% immigrants, London is 60% immigrants.

According to the Office of National Statistics, in 9 years time the English will be in a minority in their own nation. Our ethnic cleansing by the EU has been astonishingly successful. In the EU, in 20 years we will be ruled by Immigrants, who will be the vast majority.

“There will be tough new restrictions on welfare access for immigrants.” No there won’t, under EU law we haven’t controlled that for decades. Its immigrants first, and the English don’t count. In the EU that’s the way it will stay.

Child benefit

The English have 1.3 children per couple. Among immigrants it can be 8. Outside the EU we could stop child benefit, restrict immigrants to 30,000 a year as it used to be, curb their benefits, and have to pay their share of NHS treatment. It’s not rocket science, it’s obvious. It is what normal nations do.

“We have a commitment to reduce EU red tape.” There are now 120,000 EU regulations in Britain. They are still arriving at 3,500 a year. Countless commitments have been made over 40 years to reduce them. Every commitment has failed.

EU regulation 9767 exists to abolish our post offices. Low supermarket beer pricing, and ridiculously high taxes on pub beer are the EU’s way of closing our pubs. Ten close every week.

The government believes we should remain in the EU. The EU is just 7% of the world’s population. 93% of the world is outside the EU; isn’t the big, outside market the one we want to be part of?

“The EU is by far our biggest trading partner.” When we went into the EU we were the world’s 3rd largest economy. Now after 40 years inside, we are only the 9th. The culprits include 120,000 EU regulations, throttling our industry. The EU is forcing us to not trade freely with countries like New Zealand, where they had to drive 3 million sheep off their cliffs as a result.

£55 billion loss

When we went in to the EU we had an even balance of trade with them. Now after 40 years inside we lose £55 billion a year trading with the EU.

“Remaining inside the EU guarantees our full access to its single market.” Another lie. All the nations outside have free access too. But given the EU is only 7% of the world, do we care?

“Leaving creates uncertainty and risk.” The EU has wrecked the Euro. Borrowing in EU nations is at unsustainable levels. Half of the EU nations are teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. In Greece, approaching half of all young people are unemployed. The EU is a disaster no one should want to join. Wouldn’t leaving actually create security?


“If the UK voted to leave the EU, the resulting economic shock would put pressure on the pound.” Economists are appalling at forecasting the future. Would leaving a disastrous Eurozone not improve Britain’s financial position? They have no idea.

“EU reforms have resulted in a drop in airfares of 40%.” No, Ryanair and Easyjet did that, both inside and outside of Europe.

“Voting to leave the EU could create 10 years of uncertainty.” Iceland went bankrupt in 2009. They imprisoned their bank directors, established a new bank, and within one year Iceland became the strongest economy within a thousand miles of the EU. No, they are not in the EU. If they can do it, from a far worse position than ours will be, we can.

“A more limited trade deal will give the UK less access to the Single Market than we have now.” In the highly unlikely event this happens - the EU makes a £55 billion a year profit from us, are we bothered with the 7% EU market, when the rest of the world is 93%?

Look at the disinformation: “Services make up 80% of the UK economy.” Yes, but little of that has anything to do with the EU.


Controlling Immigration

Under EU orders we are not allowed to control our immigration. Securing our borders has been a farce for 40 years. The government has been lying about the numbers coming in - look at Birmingham, Bradford, Luton, Leicester, London - there must be 30 million immigrants here at least.

“Keeping us safer.” Amongst the immigrants the EU has driven into Britain are perhaps thousands of radicalised Muslims, who will start terrorists attacks when they are activated.

“EU cooperation makes it easier to keep criminals and terrorists out of the UK.” This lie is incredible. We all know that in the EU we can’t deport anyone. We have to keep every criminal here.

While criminals are allowed to stay here, the EU Arrest Warrant allows honest English people to be arrested and taken to foreign nations for imprisonment without trial, just as the EU Compliance and Restraint order systems allows your bank accounts to be closed on a lie, with no judge or jury, leaving you permanently penniless.

“The 28 countries exist to promote economic security, peace and stability.” The EU could not have messed up its economic security more if it had tried.

It was the independent 28 democratic nations that kept the security for 60 years after World War Two. They were abolished by the EU on the 1st January 2009, and replaced by the unelected 3 tier politburos of the EU - a dictatorship with a sham parliament at Brussels. The EU is the old Soviet system.

The EU has already had wars in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzogovenia, and after grabbing scores of countries that were former Russian allies, from Poland to Latvia, the EU attempted to ferment war in the Ukraine against Russia. The EU has a frightening future.

“EU action prevented Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.” That was the USA, not the EU. But the nuclear weapons of Britain and France are now controlled by the unelected Soviet of the three EU politburos. That’s what really matters.

Last chance

“A once in a generation decision.” The most awful lie of all? Britain has existed for 3,500 years, when our DNA first arrived here. Once Great Britain is abolished, it will be forever. There will be no going back. This is the last chance to save her.

There are 140 Bilderbergers, a masonic society whose job is to build the EU. Eight British ministers are Bilderbergers, including David Cameron. They will always side with the EU, whatever the facts are. The EU is about the agenda of the Global Elites, who do not care about ordinary people.

Since we’ve been in the EU, corruption in politicians has grown horribly. That applies for example to both Tony Blair and David Cameron.

If you have the leaflet, please send it back to David Cameron at Number 10 Downing St, London, SW1A 2AA with a copy of this article

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