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Vaccines do far more damage than good


Today vaccines contain neurotoxins, poisons such as aluminium, mercury and nagalase, which destroys your GcMAF and therefore your immune system; vaccines cause autoimmune diseases and force people to buy drugs for years to come.


Vaccines also contain mouse brains, tissue from pigs, insect cells, calf lymph, chick embryos, testicle cells, aborted human fetal tissue, cow serum, formaldehyde, aluminium phosphate, MSG, cancer cells and the cancer causing monkey virus, SV40. The body can't cope with this number of injected foreign proteins.


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Sabotage of the Medical Innovation Act



Lord Saatchi’s Medical Innovation Bill became law as “The Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Act” on the 23rd March 2016.




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Hidden Greece:

The Road to



You have been to some of the wonderful Greek islands, sojourned the classical ruins of Athens perhaps, reclined on the endless sandy beaches of the mainland. But have you been to Andritsaina and its neighbour, Karitena?




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