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The MHRA cause 200,000 deaths a year



The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency, or MHRA, kill something of the order of 200,000 British patients a year by licensing drugs that kill, and by denying people access to inexpensive remedies that work. They are based in Victoria, London, have Big Pharma directors on their board, and do the exact opposite of their function - they protect the grotesque profits of the big pharmaceutical companies, at the expense of British lives.



Sabotage of the Medical Innovation Act



Lord Saatchi’s Medical Innovation Bill became law as “The Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Act” on the 23rd March 2016.




Leave the

EU easily:


1. The six EU treaties break our British Constitution and treason laws. They are Null and Void - Declare them so.


2. There is no number

2 - that’s it, we’re out.


| By Kurnal de Noailles


Don’t negotiate, don’t bother with Article 50. Don’t allow the EU to dictate our immigration. Don’t negotiate EU trade deals, they are not necessary. Most of the trade in the world is done without trade deals.



Westminster businessman John Mappin joins campaign to see Trump elected US President


Hidden Greece:

The Road to



You have been to some of the wonderful Greek islands, sojourned the classical ruins of Athens perhaps, reclined on the endless sandy beaches of the mainland. But have you been to Andritsaina and its neighbour, Karitena?




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